Yankee Candle Easter Votive Gift Set

There is nothing I love more than bunnies and Yankee Candle so Easter is one of my favourite holidays for the gift sets! I recently blogged about the other gift set available from Yankee Candle for Easter this year which is the wax melt egg, you can read about that here - LINK. All three of the scents included are very sweet based so if you aren't into those type of scents you might want to stay away from this. However I am a huge fan of sweet scents and anything vanilla based! 
Yankee Candle Easter Votive Gift Set
Yankee Candle Easter Votive Gift Set
All four of the items come complete in a Easter themed gift box with jelly bean flowers and cute easter eggs on the box. Included in the gift box are three Votive samplers in the Vanilla Cupcake, Bunny Cake and Jelly Bean scents as well as a cute yellow bucket sampler holder. Each votive provides up to 15 hours of home fragrance so for £10.99 you get the holder and 45 hours of recommend home fragrance which I think is a good deal! I personally much prefer samplers or wax melts as they are more affordable and I can try lots of new scents without paying £20+ on a large jar incase I don't like the fragrance. 

Both Bunny Cake and Jelly Bean are limited edition scents for Easter and are currently only available in this gift set and is special appearance large jars, Jelly Beans is also available in the egg wax melt gift set. Vanilla Cupcake is a permanent scent at Yankee Candle and is one of my all time favourite fragrances so I was so happy to see it in this gift set as I didn't currently have a back up. Bunny Cake is a delicious sweet and sugary scent with coconut, creamy vanilla and a hit of citrus. Jelly Bean is one of the sweetest scents I have ever come across without being sticky or overpowering. Vanilla Cupcake smells like yummy cupcakes and butter icing, a classic sweet scent from Yankee Candle! 

I really like that Yankee Candle have included a holder for the samplers in this gift set as I have a few samplers but I never had a holder because I always forgot to pick one up! This would be a great gift for someone at Easter who doesn't like chocolate or can't have chocolate. I think any candle lover like  myself would love this for any occasion, I actually got my mum this gift set for Mother's Day! 

The Yankee Candle Easter 3 Votive Gift Set retails for £10.99 - HERE.



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