Eylure House of Holland Lashes

Up until last year, I had never really been an eyelash wearer. I always thought they were too dramatic and a bit of a faff to apply but I was so wrong. With there being so many different lash styles available from Eylure, I wish I started wearing lashes sooner! House of Holland have collaborated with Eylure to bring us three gorgeous styles of lashes. 
Eylure House of Holland Lashes
Eylure House of Holland Lashes
The Eylure House of Holland Lash collaboration is a limited edition collection of three different styles of lashes. Each of the lashes are part of the 'Fluff' collection and are ideal for first time lash wearers as they are going to be comfortable on the lash line while adding so fun to your makeup look.  The packaging is in true House of Holland style with black and colourful packaging, similar to the House of Holland nails with Elegant Touch. The three lash styles available in this collection are Luffly, Ruffle and Buff - how cute are those names?!

My favourite lashes out of the three pairs has to be Luffly. These lashes have tapered tips for a layered effect and are the fullest set of lashes from this collaboration. These lashes have a black band so would be perfect to wear with some winged liner for an evening out. The Buff Lashes are the shortest out of the three styles but are still quite long. These lashes have a criss cross design which will give the eyes a cooler structured finish, these lashes also have a black band. The final lashes are Ruffle. These lashes are extremely long and are going to give a individual lash effect. I really love the look of these lashes and I love how long they are - I will pop a picture up on Twitter or Instagram when I wear all of these lashes.  I love that these lashes are a fun yet wearable range. I would say that Buff lashes are going to be slightly more wearable for me to wear during the day but Ruffle and Luffly are perfect for the evenings or if you like a more dramatic lash. I can't get over how cute all of the names are - who doesn't want Luffly lashes?!

All of the House of Holland Eylure lashes come with a lash glue and are lightweight and reusable. I have always found the lash glue that is included to be brilliant and my lashes never lift throughout the day. To apply the lashes you first need to check the sizing is correct to your eyes and trim if needed. You then will need to apply the lash glue to the lash band and wait 20-30 seconds for the glue to become tacky - then apply the lashes! Making sure you wait for 20-30 seconds for the lash glue to become tacky will make application much easier as the lashes won't slip around. I have always found the Eylure lashes to be the easiest lashes to apply as they are a little more flexible then other lashes on the market. The House of Holland Eylure Lashes retail for £5.95 each - HERE. These are limited edition so pick them up while you can! 


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