Flamingo Candles Green Apples Scent Melt

I am obsessed with wax melts and prefer them over candles because I like to try out lots of scents. I am finally trying other brands than Yankee Candle and Flamingo Candles were at the top of my to try list for 2016! While I was on Amazon, I spotted some of their melts and checked out immediately and one of the melts I picked up was in the Green Apples scent.
Flamingo Candles Green Apples Scent Melt
I am such a big fan of anything fruity scented and the DKNY Be Delicious Fragrance is one of my all time favourites. So when I spotted the Flamingo Candles Green Apples scent I knew it was going to be the first one to try out of the few that I had ordered. Green Apples is described as a fresh and zesty fragrance which gives off a slightly stronger aroma than Jar Candles. The scent is inspired by my favourite Granny Smith apples and has a blend of leafy green accord with citrus notes of lemon, mandarin, apple and melon. These melts claim to have a burn time of up to 30 hours which is a heck of a lot more than Yankee Candles tarts which aim to provide just eight hours.

If you aren't familiar with Wax Melts, they have no wick and are to be used in warmer which can either be electric like the one that I have or with a tea light at the bottom. I have always preferred melts to jar candles because I can switch up the scent as much as I want and can buy so many scents rather than just sticking to one jar candle scent. The Flamingo Candle Scent Melts are hand poured in the UK using natural soy wax. 

This scent has quickly become one of my all time favourite scents and I know I will definitely be ordering a few more as soon as I finish this blog post! I was surprised that the melt itself was pink as I was expecting it to be green but I did love the surprise. To me it smells like delicious green apples, I can definitely smell a hint of lemon too, as you would expect from the name and the scent kick off is incredible. Almost my entire house smelt like apples which I loved. I find fruity scents are perfect for anytime of year but I especially love them in the Spring. While this scent does have a strong scent kick off, it isn't overpowering which I like as some strong scents tend to give me a headache. I would definitely say that I got 15 hours out of this melt but anything after that got lighter in scent throw and would work better in smaller spaces. Even though these are slightly more expensive than the Yankee Candle ones, you do get many more hours of home fragrance so they are much better value for money! 

The Flamingo Candles Green Apples Scent Melt retails for £2 - HERE.



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