WoodWick Vanilla Bean Wax Melt

Of course I would go to the Zoo and buy candles! While I was in the Zoo gift shop I noticed some WoodWick melts so I thought I would pick one up and see how they compare to my other favourite melts, of course I picked up some Yankee Candle melts too. I know WoodWick candles are sold in Boots but I haven't ever seen the melts but I have tracked some down on eBay so I can try some other scents soon.
WoodWick Vanilla Bean Wax Melt
I decided on Vanilla Bean as anything vanilla based I know I will love as Vanilla is my all time favourite scent. If you don't know what a wax melt is, you pop it into a warmer, either an electric one or one that is used with a tea light and the fragrance releases as the wax warms. These bars claim to have ten hours of burn time (fragrance release) per block. The whole bar is the same weight as a Yankee Candle tart so you could use all four blocks at once but I decided to use two blocks at a time. I always prefer to use melts for home fragrance rather than jar candles as I like to switch up my scents often and melts are much more affordable. 

I am SO impressed with this melt, especially considering I only used half! I would describe Vanilla Bean as being a similar scent to Yankee Candles Vanilla Cupcake. It smells of heavenly vanilla with a hint of baking. Half of the bar provided a strong scent throw without being too overpowering or having a sickly sweet scent. Even though each section of the bar claims to have ten hours of fragrance I would say that I got around ten hours for two chunks which I will think is fantastic as it is half the size of a Yankee melt which provides eight hours. Each time melted the bar it still provided a great scent throw, the last few hours of half of the bar was lighter but could still be smelt when I left the room and came back after a few minutes. 

Would I repurchase this scent or try any others? Definitely! I have done a quick eBay search and found a huge selection of scents from WoodWick in melt form, I have my eyes on Tropical Oasis next. These melts retail for just under £2 depending on the stockist I have found. 



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