Yankee Candle Simply Home Shea Butter & Vanilla

It's no secret how much of a big Yankee Candle fan I am. I have been really enjoying many of the Simply Home scents recently, this is a slightly cheaper range from Yankee Candle and is available in larger ASDA and Tesco stores (at least that is where I have found them stocked). One of the new scents for the Simply Home range for Spring 2016 is Shea Butter & Vanilla which sounded right up my street!
Yankee Candle Simply Home Shea Butter & Vanilla
If there is one scent I cannot get enough of, its Vanilla. I love vanilla scented everything so when I spotted the Shea Butter & Vanilla Wax Melt I knew I had to pop it in on basket. These wax melts are usually around £1 but they were on offer for just 80p each which is a total bargain! If you prefer jar candles this scent is also available in two jar size options. Wax melts aim to provide around eight hours of home fragrance and from my experience I have always found the melts to have incredibly scent throw and they tend to be better than some of my jar candles. 

This scent is a delicious mixture of sweet vanilla and shea butter with a hint of musk. If you aren't into vanillas based scents usually, I would still give this a sniff because it isn't too sticky sweet as it has the perfect amount of musk to it. The scent throw is good for the first few melts but after that I found it to get much lighter. For the first couple of melts, the scent lingered out of the room into the rest of the house which I loved! The scent lingered after I switched off my warmer too which I always love because you get a little longer with the scent kick off without having to be melting the tart. While I like that the scent throw got lighter, I don't think I got my full eight hours of scent with it being strong enough to be able to be smelt without leaving the room for a few minutes and coming back. This isn't an overpowering scent and could definitely be used year round as it isn't a seasonal scent. 

Will I repurchase this scent? Definitely! As I mentioned, I do love vanilla scents and because it has a mixture of shea butter and musk. It is different to any of my other vanilla scents I have in my collection. For the 80p I paid, I can't really complain! I am off to stock up on this gorgeous scent before it disappears because I think it might be limited edition. 



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