Eylure Brow Amplifier

I love trying out new brow products and this little beauty had recently won an award at the CEW Beauty Awards 2016! I have never tried any of the Eylure brow products but I have always been super impressed with their lashes so I couldn't wait to start trying this and I have been loving it! 
Eylure Brow Amplifier
This Brow Amplifier is available in three different shades and I have the darkest shade which is Dark Brown. The other two shades are called Blonde and Mid Brown. This is a long lasting gel which adds colour and tames the brows, it can be used alone or you can use it to set your brows. I have been using it both ways and really love the results but I do prefer to use it with other products as my brows are not how I would like them naturally and it takes a lot of filling in to make them look half decent! This has fibres in the gel so it makes the brows look bigger and better! 

The shade is the perfect match for my brows as it doesn't have any red undertones. The applicator itself is small but compared to some of my other brow gels it is slightly bigger but I find it is easier to use and it still doesn't get on the skin around my brows. If you have a problem with trying to keep your brows in place all day, give this a try as my brows never budge but they don't feel crunchy, if you know what I mean. When I have used this on my brows they look so much fuller and thicker, I could even extend my brows with this too. If you have naturally good brows, which I am incredibly jealous of, this would be a great everyday product to keep the hairs in place and add some tint to them. 

This is one of the most long lasting brow products I have ever used as it is still going strong when it comes to removing my makeup at the end of day. As this adds a good tint to the brows I was worried about touching my brows throughout the day and it rubbing off or transferring but it sets to a weightless matte finish. 

The Eylure Brow Amplifier retails for £9.95 and is available from the Eylure website - HERE


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own. 


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