Makeup Revolution Solid Brush Cleaner

I am one of those odd people who actually likes washing their brushes! I love knowing that I have got rid of all of the makeup residue and that there is no more dirt in them and what I love even more is using them when they are newly clean. I try to wash my brushes every Sunday and I love solid brush cleaners but they tend to be a little more expensive but I am so happy that Makeup Revolution have released a Solid Brush Cleaner!
Makeup Revolution Solid Brush Cleaner
Makeup Revolution Solid Brush Cleaner
This arrived at the perfect time as my makeup brushes were needing a good wash! This brush cleaner can be used on the go and will provide effortless brush cleaning with no mess. It is going to give any makeup brush a deep clean by dissolving all makeup while sanitising the brushes. I have been using a couple of different brush cleansers from Makeup Revolution and I have been super impressed so I couldn't wait to put this solid brush cleaner to the test. I have always been a huge fan of solid brush cleaners and find them to be the more effective product when cleaning my brushes. I had been previously using the Beauty Blender one but it is so expensive that I never repurchased it so I am glad that budget brands are bringing us these types of products on a budget. 

To use the solid brush cleaner all you need to do is wet the brush and place the brush into the solid brush cleaner and swirl it around until it starts to foam as this is what is going to remove them makeup residue. You then rise the brush leave it to dry. I like to use this with my Sigma Express Spa Glove instead of swirling the brush into the palm of my hand to make sure all of the residue is removed as it does a much better job! Using a solid brush cleaner is not only more effective to clean your brushes but it also means you aren't going to use as much liquid brush cleaner which will make your money go even further! 

I used this on a range of different brushes from eye brushes, the fluffiest ones in my collection and my super dense brushes and it worked brilliantly on all of them. On my dense foundation brush I did have to do two cleanses with the solid brush cleaner to make sure all of the residue is gone as this brush has always been a pain to clean! On all of my other brushes I found that it cleaned them so well and left my brushes clean and soft. I noticed that I didn't even make a dent in the product so I know this is going to last me ages! My foundation brushes were basically orange from the makeup and my blush brush was covered in pink but my brushes looked brand new after I used this! 

I love how travel friendly this brush cleaner is, as it is a solid you don't have to worry about it spilling in your bag and it won't take up much room either! The one thing I will mention is that I had to run the cleanser under water to get rid of makeup residue left on it from swirling the brush into it. As the pot is large I can fit all of my makeup brushes individually, I found with the Beauty Blender cleanser that I had a few of my brushes didn't fit so I couldn't clean the like I wanted too. 

The Makeup Revolution Solid Brush Cleaner retails for £5 (such a bargain) HERE


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