MaskerAide Pre Party Prep Sheet Mask

I have been wanting to try out the MaskerAide sheet masks for a while now as I have always heard good things. I love using face masks and I haven't too many sheet masks which made me want to try these out even more. The MaskerAide masks are on the affordable side and they have a few different ones available and I have tried out the Pre Party Prep Mask.
MaskerAide Pre Party Prep Sheet Mask
The MaskerAide Pre Party Prep Sheet Mask creates a perfect canvas for foundation application. The sheet mask has a lightweight blend of natural argan oil, super fruit extracts, orange peel oil, honey to engerise, hydrate and brighten the skin while priming the skin for a flawless and velvety smooth finish. Even if you aren't going to an event or party this would still be a great mask to use to help brighten the skin as I noticed great results after using this. All of the masks from the brand are free from parabens, harsh dyes and pigments, mineral oils, articial fragrances, benzophenone and glycerins. 

To use this mask all you have to do it pop it on your clean face and make sure that the eyes, nose and mouth holes match up and leave it on for 10-20 minutes, I left it on for almost 20. The sheet itself is well saturated in the ingredients so it sticks to the skin well and didn't fall off like some sheet masks I have used previously. After I removed the mask, I rubbed in the excess as suggested on the back of the packet to take full advantage of all of the ingredients to get my skin looking ready for an evening out! 

My skin looked and felt great after using this just once. It honestly looked as if my skin as glowing afterwards and that effect lasted for the rest of the evening. It left my skin feeling very soft and smooth so I would definitely agree that it would make a great base for foundation. What I really liked about this mask is that is left my skin looking more awake and brighter. I have slightly dull skin and always struggle to find products which make my skin look more alive and this was a perfect pick me up! 

The MaskerAide Pre Party Prep Mask retails for £5 and is available HERE


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own. 


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