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Benefit Goof Proof Review

I have never been so excited for a brow collection as I was with this new collection from Benefit. All of the new Benefit brow products launch towards the end of this month but Elle magazine have a sample of the Goof Proof Brow Pencil with the magazine this month so of course I had to pick it up as soon as it was on sale! 
Benefit Goof Proof Review
Benefit Goof Proof Review
Benefit Goof Proof Review
Benefit have relaunched their brow products with a brand new collection of products with new and improved previously loved products as well as new shades to products like Gimme Brow. All of the new brow products from Benefit have such stunning packaging and I am loving the improvements to the line - fits the Benefit theme much better in my opinion. Even the packaging of this sample is incredible, props to Benefit! 

The Good Proof Brow Pencil in available in six shades and I got the darkest shade with my magazine which is almost black. I thought this shade was going to be too dark but it actually works really well with my hair colouring so I am happy I got this shade. This brow pencil has a custom non sharpen tip which means you can use it in different ways to apply the product. You can use the thicker end to fill in the brow and the pointed end to be more precise and I like to use it to extend the tail of my brow. When I swatched this on my hand I wasn't that impressed with the pigmentation but wow it is pigmented when you apply it on your brows! It is very creamy and is so easy to fill in your brows and define them. This brow pencil also has a 12 hour water proof formula to provide you with wow brows all day long. 

I haven't been this impressed with a brow product in a while and I completely understand why this is one of the main products from Benefit that everyone is talking about! It is so easy to use and I can make my brows look a thousand times better in seconds - with the products I was using previously it would take me at least ten minutes in the morning to get my brows looking decent. Because of its unique tip you can use it for different parts of the brow just by using a different part of the pencil. Even though it is extremely creamy and super easy to apply, it isn't too pigmented that you will go in too heavy at first swipe. It terms of wear time, if you tend to touch your brows alot, this product might not be for you because I have accidently rubbed of the tail a couple of times. I wouldn't say that this has as long of a wear time as it claims to have but it does hold up well as long as you don't touch your face. I usually hate using a pencil at the start of my brow as I find it can look to harsh but when I use the precise point of the pencil you can actually pencil in hairs. 

Overall I am impressed with Goof Proof and I will definitely be ordering the full size when it is available on the 24th but I might get shade 5 instead of 6. I also really want to try Ka-BROW!, Precisely, my brow and the reformulated High Brow Eyebrow Highlighter. All of the new Benefit brow products are available from the 24th of June 2016 - HERE.



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