Colourpop Haul

Last month I placed a Colourpop order and it was the longest two weeks ever waiting for my makeup to arrive! Colourpop currently don't ship to the UK and I have no idea why because the demand is clearly there, I will link the posts about how I ship Colourpop to the UK at the end of this post if you are interested. Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop are owned by the same company, Seed Beauty, and seeing as Kylie Cosmetics ships to the UK I don't think it will be long before Colourpop do too. 
Colourpop Haul
Colourpop Haul Colourpop Haul
When I order from Colourpop I always try to keep my orders small as I don't want to get custom fee's and luckily I didn't on this parcel! I had been wanting to place an order for a while so when I saw they had a flash sale with 20% off everything, I knew it was time to place my order! I am kicking myself for not ordering more because my basket is already full again so there might be another Colourpop haul soon! 

The first things I picked up were the Super Shock Shadows. If you have ever tried the Colourpop eyeshadows, you will know how incredible these are - they are a game changer! I picked up two from the Kathleen Lights collaboration, Cornelious and Kathleen Lights. Cornelious is a matte mid tone warm caramel which I will be using in the crease. Kathleen Lights is a stunning bright golden copper in the pearlized finish. From the Kae Pop collection I picked up another two eyeshadows in Sunset Blvd and Wilshire - as you can see they are all extremely similar! Sunset Blvd is a warm golden bronze in the pearlized finish and Wilshire is a mid tone warm peach/beige shade. 

I have been in need of some new brow products so I thought I would try out one of the Brow Pencils from Colourpop. I went for the shade Banging Brunette which is a pretty good colour match, it reminds me of the Soap and Glory Archery Brow but a lot more pigmented so I will report back on this once I have tried it a bit more! The last two things I picked up were lip products. I didn't like the Ultra Mattes as I found them to be drying on the lips and I am not a huge fan of matte lips but I had heard amazing things about the Ultra Satins so I picked one up in the shade The Rabbit which is a stunning bright fuchsia with a blue sheen. I am obsessed with this already and I now need all of the other shades! It isn't at all drying on the lips and lasts all day with eating and drinking - you can't beat that for $6!

I picked up two of the Sheer Lippie Stix, one in Whip and the other in Croquet. My Mum loves Whip and has run out of hers so I picked another one up for her. Whip is a vivid blue violet and Croquet is one of the new shades which is a cool toned pink. These lipsticks aren't sheer at all but they are better suited towards being worn in the day as they aren't as intensely pigmented as the other lipsticks from Colourpop. 

I use Shipito to get Colourpop to the UK and it usually costs me around $10 to ship my parcels, I can't recommend Shipito enough. If you do place big orders it is likely you'll get customs charges so keep that in mind if you are going to place an order. I talked about how I use Shipito in these two blog posts:



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