Zoella Bath Latte Review

I must admit that while I may not be a huge fan of Zoe's videos anymore but I did get very excited about her new range! The packaging has had a huge step up and I think it is much more suitable for my age now rather than 13 year olds - although I am sure they still love it! I have loved her previous beauty products and I had my eyes on the Bath Latte and I have been quite impressed.
Zoella Bath Latte Review
Zoella Bath Latte Review
From Zoella's newest beauty collection Sweet Inspirations we have the Bath Latte which was one of the few products I was really excited to try. I had seen  Zoe use this on her snapchat and I was really impressed with how many bubbles it created so I couldn't wait to try this for myself! This whole collection is inspired by all things sweet and this shower and bath milk is enriched with sweet almonds, cacao and honey to create a deliciously sweet scent. This is my favouirte scent range from Zoella Beauty so far as I love anything sweet scented and luckly isn't sickly in the slightest. 

As I mentioned, I am a huge fan of the packaging! It looks so cute with a milk bottle style bottle and gold and baby blue accents. There is even a Z pressed within the plastic of the bottle - I love these touches and I definitely think Zoe has done a fantastic job of upgrading the packaging! I have really liked the shower gels and bath products from Zoe's previous collections but this is the best one so far and I will definitely repurchase it soon. 

I find it works best to pop some of this under newly running water before even filling up the bath water to get the best results. When I used this once I had half filled the bath I didn't really get any bubbles but when you pop it into the bath under running water as you turn the water on it creates so many bubbles - better than some of my LUSH Bubble Bars. The scent lingers for a while too which I was really impressed as with the previous bath/shower gels I found that the scent would dissapear almost instantly. This makes the skin feel soft and hydrated which was a nice bonus and this makes me want to use it as a shower gel rather than just bubble bath. 

I have been super impressed with the Bath Latte and want to try the Sugar Dip Bath Salts and the Le Frizz next. The Zoella Beauty Bath Latte retails for £6 - HERE.



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