Beauty at Ideal World

I love watching shopping channels or just having them on as background noise. I never realised how many great beauty products and brands are stocked at Ideal World. I have been trying out a selection of the products which are available from Ideal World and I am so impressed as I have discovered some amazing products. If you are a beauty lover like me you definitely need to check out Ideal World.
Beauty at Ideal World
Beauty at Ideal WorldBeauty at Ideal World
With it being summer I have been wanting to tan a little more but not by sitting in the sun and baking my skin. Which is when the Zhuzh Tan Accelerator Swipes come in. These wipes help speed up your tan time and are super easy to use! These are wipes are perfect to use when going for a walk, or spending the day at the beach as they will help you get a healthy glow - but remember to wear an SPF! Each individually wrapped wipe can be used on the face and body. What I liked about this wipe was that it didn't leave any oiliness or too much residue behind on the skin. These retail for £24.99 - HERE

The Fabulist Fabulous Eyes is a unique anti-ageing solution to give instant results and skin benefits. This tiny tube has approximately 30 applications, I always forget how little eye cream you actually need to apply! This is going to help soften expression lines around the eye area and has Hyaluronic Acid (which everybody loves) to help plump and smooth the look of wrinkles and fine lines to provide you with a refreshed and youthful eye look. 94% of testers agreed that this made the skin around their eyes look younger and 94% also said the the instant effects were still visible up to ten hours after application - how amazing is that! This retails for just £9.99 - HERE

Finally I have a selection of products from Elizabeth Grant, I had never heard of this brand before but I have been so impressed with the products that I have tried so far! The two skincare items I have been trying out are the Green Power C Brightening Treatment and the Wonder Effect Glycolic Mask. The Brightening Treatment is incredible stuff, it smoothes out any lines and instantly brightens the effect area, It has a applicator made up of three rollerballs which I am a big fan of. I will then use my finger to blend out the excess. The mask is a creamy and hydrating clay mask with Glycolic Acid to exfoliate, moisturise and revitalise the skin. This mask has made my skin feel so much smoother and I have noticed more radiance than before. 

I have been obsessed with the Beautiful Colours Lip Stain in Sienna from Elizabeth Grant. This is a semi permanent lip stain which lasts for at least six hours on the lips. I have been so impressed with this lip stain, you can barely feel it on the lips and it will honestly last all day through eating and drinking. The Cheeky Tint in Terracotta is a great product for no makeup days when I want a hint of colour on my cheeks. The colour is buildable but I like the sheer coverage as it looks more natural on the skin. I found this to be so easy to blend, much better than my Benefit tints!

All of the beauty products mentioned are available from the Ideal World website - HERE


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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