Elegant Touch Soak 'Em Off

Why didn't these come into my life sooner! I have been wearing gel polishes and press on nails for a while now but I am always put off when it comes to removing them. Which is where Elegant Touch come in as they have a genius product which makes soak off removal quick and easy while being able to be do on the go! 
Elegant Touch Soak 'Em Off
Elegant Touch Soak 'Em Off
Meet Elegant Touch's Soak 'Em Off a no mess no stress product which is going to quickly remove anything from press on nails, gel manicures to nail polish - Elegant Touch has you covered! The Soak 'Em Off sachets are the next best thing for portable nail removal as these create no mess and will take up no room in your bag! These are designed with the busy girl in mind as they are spill-proof and fuss free sachets which have a saturated pad of peach fragranced acetone to remove your press on, gel or nail polish nails so you can say goodbye to spending hours trying to remove your nails with those foil squares and bottles full of nail polish remover. 

These sachets are so quick and easy to use, all you have to do is tear, pop your finger into the sachet and wrap it in the sachet, wait and remove - its that easy! In the box are 100 sachets which are paired in twos so you would need five strips to remove a full set of nails. I had always found it to be quite difficult to remove gel nails in particular but these make it so easy and I can literally use these anywhere! These do an amazing job at removing any traces of nail product from my nails, I find it best to leave in my fingers in the sachets for a couple of minutes before removing to make sure all traces are gone. I think these are perfect for anyone who travels alot as you don't have to worry about them spilling in your luggage and they take up basically no room.

One thing I really love about these sacets is that they don't dry out my nails or the skin around my nails, it actually feels softer after the removal process. I found with some acetone removers that my nails would be left incredibly dry so I wish I started using these sooner. When I read that these has a peach fragrance I didn't think I would be able to smell it because of the acetone but once you remove them from your nails all you can smell is the delicious peach fragrance - how amazing is that! These are also great if you remove your nails on public transport as you aren't going to offend anyone with the smell of nail polish remover. 

If you struggle to remove glitter polishes, gel manicures or press on nails you need these sachets from Elegant Touch in your life immediately! The Soak 'Em Off Sachets retail for £7.95 - HERE


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own. 


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