July Non Beauty Favourites

While Hannah Heartss has accidently become mainly a beauty blog, I thought it was time to start writing some more lifestyle type blog posts. I always love reading everyones non beauty favourites so I thought I would start doing my own! This month I have had a few random favourites which I have been obsessed with - I am honestly addicted to two of them, its become a bit of a problem!
July Non Beauty Favourites
My first favourite this month has been the DIMILY series by Estelle Maskame (I reviewed the third and final book in the series this month - here). I have read all three of the books and they have by far been the best books I have read all year. I won't give any spoilers but if you love YA you'll love these books and they are a bargain at 99p for the first two on Kindle. Usually the final book in a series would be the one I hate the most but Estelle wrote it exactly how I would have wanted it to end. 

It's no secret how much of a fan of WWE I am so I was excited to see the draft picks! I am happy about the few that have been drafted from NXT - can't wait to see Carmella! I only wish that Enzo & Big Cass were drafted to Smack Down Live instead. Are you a WWE fan? What did you think of the draft? On a WWE note - I am so excited to see Nikki Bella return to action soon now she is cleared! Another favourite of mine this month has been Gavin DeGraw's new single - I have listen to it at least seven times a day. 

When I spotted Gilmore Girls on Netflix I thought I should finally give it a watch as I had never watched an episode before! Fast forward four seasons later and I just can't stop watching! I love the relationship between Rory and Lorelai - it reminds me of me and my mum! I have a couple seasons left which I know I will be binge watching now I am off work for the next six weeks. Another favourite of mine this month has been Pokemon Go, yes I know everybody is loving it myself included! I honestly cannot stop playing it and have been walking for an extra 3-5 miles a day just to catch more Pokemon! I have been bringing my little sister with me and its been nice to spend some time with her and enjoy the sunshine! 

I recently got the iPhone 6S Plus which I have been loving but the LuMee Case is incredible! The likes of the Kardashians and basically any celebrity on Instagram or Snapchat has this iPhone case and it is the best thing for taking selfies. I have the rose gold one and I love it - makes me want to take even more selfies than usual!

What have been your non beauty favourites this month?



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