Sonic Chic Electric Travel Toothbrush

It is officially festival and holiday season and I for one am obsessed with all travel related products, even if I am not going to any festivals this year or have any solid holiday plans. One of the most important things I would take to a festival (when camping) is a toothbrush. If you are going to be baby wiping your body for the weekend the way to feel the cleaniest is with your teeth. 
Sonic Chic Electric Travel Toothbrush
Sonic Chic Electric Travel Toothbrush
The Sonic Chic Urban Collection Toothbrushes are the perfect toothbrushes for any travelling you are going to be doing this summer. The most important thing I do every morning and evening is brushing my teeth, my dad scared me big time when I was younger about keeping your teeth clean and I cannot do anything until I have brushed my teeth! You only get one set of teeth so you should make sure you take good care of them. I have never had an electric travel toothbrush and that is where Sonic Chic comes in. This is going to be a festival and holiday essential for anyone this summer. 

The Sonic Chic Toothbrushes are the coolest travel toothbrushes I have ever come across. The Urban Collection is a stylish collection of travel electric toothbrushes and I have the Krystalite verion which has a trianglar pattern with teal, red and orange colours. If this style isn't for you there is a few different patterns available, I love the look of the Starlight one too. In the box it contains the sonic powered toothrbush, a replacement head as well as a AAA battery and an instruction and warranty leaflefts. I really appreciate that they have included a replacement head so you can get even more use out of the pocket sized toothbrush. If you happen to go through both of the heads included in the box you can still buy replacements for £4.99 at Boots. 

I have been so impressed with this little toothbrush and it will definitely be an essential in my holiday bag! The toothbrush does 22,000 strokes per minute which I think is incredible, it leaves my teeth feeling so clean too. I like that this toothbrush has a cap so the head stays protected in your bag and doesn't end up with excess make up and what not on the head. Why go for a boring toothbrush when you can have a cool designed one when travelling!

The Sonic Chic Urban Collection Toothbrushes retail for £14.99 at Boots - HERE


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