Yes to Coconut Polishing Body Scrub

With it finally being summer time I have been on a huge scrub kick! I can't get enough of facial and body scrubs and I was excited to try out the Yes to Coconuts Polishing Body Scrub which is designed for dry skin. I haven't tried too many products from the Yes to brand so I was excited to see what all the fuss was about. One thing I do really like about Yes to is that all of the products are cruelty free and this scrub is 98% natural while being free from parabens, SLS and petroleum. 
Yes to Coconut Polishing Body Scrub
Yes to Coconut Polishing Body Scrub
This Polishing Body Scrub is one of the best scrubs I have tried so far! It uses nearly all of the coconut to exfoliate, reveal softer, smoother and healtheir looking skin. It also has virgin coconut oil to add some hydration to the skin while it exfoliates without irritation - this is one of the many things I like about this product. It has a non greasy formula and comes in a good size tub at 280g. If you have slightly drier skin than exfoliating can be a little bit difficult as many scrubs can be quite drying on the skin but this one is perfect for dry skin as it does have hydrating ingredients. 

I have been using this scrub for the past couple of weeks, usually a few times a week and I was so impressed with it from the first time that I used it! This scrub is on the slightly thinner side and feels like a jelly when you apply it to the skin. You do only need a small amount of this to exfoliate the skin as a little goes a long way with this product. I have used this quite a few times and I still have so much product left to use! I like to use this on my arms and legs mainly to keep them soft especially during the summer months. 

This scrub smells heavenly, it smells as coconuts as expected but it reminds me of summer! This scrub makes me skin softer and smooth wthout drying out the skin, I find that that it leaves a residue on the skin which adds some hydration but as it has a non greasy formula it doesn't leave your skin feeling oily. This scrub isn't harsh on the skin and it doesn't feel uncomfortable as you are scrubbing it onto the skin but it still does a great job and revealing healthier looking skin! I can honestly say that this scrub is great for my dry skin as it leaves my skin super soft without irritating it, my skin can be a little sensitive at times! 

If you are looking for a body scrub which is going to leave your skin feeling softer than ever while adding some added hydration, you need to try this one from Yes to! The Yes to Coconut Polishing Body Scrub retails for £7.99 - HERE.



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