I Heart Lip Balms

I am a huge fan of pretty much everything from the brands at TAM Beauty, you might know about Makeup Revolution who I always rave about! These cute little lip balms are from Makeup Revolutions sister brand, I Heart Makeup. There are so many new launches from I Heart Makeup and Makeup Revolution that I have my eye on next! I Heart Lip Balms

I Heart Lip Balms I Heart Lip Balms
These are the new I Heart Lip Balms which slightly remind me of the EOS Lip Balms but in a different shape and personally I prefer them over the EOS ones as they are much more affordable in the UK market and hydrate the lips a little better. These new lip balms come in handbag sized capsules with a rubberised packaging. On the top of each of the lip balms it has a sweet little touch of a heart and each of the lip balms has a colour relating to each of the five flavours. The I Heart Makeup brand is extremely affordable brand like Makeup Revolution and each of these lip balms are only £2.99 each so you can afford to buy a couple of the brilliant flavours/scents. 

These cute little lip balms are available in five different scents/flavours so there is bound to be one or two that you fall in love with - I am pretty much obsessed with all of them! The five available are Wild Strawberry, Raspberry Fizz, Blueberry Crush, Cool Vanilla and Mint Sorbet. My two favourites at the moment are Cool Vanilla and Mint Sorbet, the Mint one actually gives the lips a slight cooling effect on the lips which I am a huge fan of. All of these scents/flavours are authentic and to me they aren't very artificial like some lip balms scents can be. All of the lip balms are clear once applied to the lips and add a hint of sheen to the lips. 

I usually find with cheaper lip balms that they aren't too hydrating while on the lips and typically don't have any long lasting moisturising properties but that isn't the case with these bargain lip balms. These lip balms have quickly become my go to lip balms for whenever my lips are feeling dry, I have one at my computer, in my handbag and on my bedside table so I am never without one! These lip balms make my lips soft while leaving them hydrated and they hang around on the lips for quite a while as well. 

These I Heart Lip Balms retail for £2.99 each on the TAM Beauty website - HERE


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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