Makeup Eraser Review

I had been wanting to try the Makeup Eraser for a while now, ever since Tiffany D spoke about it in one of her videos. I have always struggled to remove all of my makeup in one go so I finally decided to give the Makeup Eraser a try. I was so interested to see if this actually works because it can save me a tonne of money on cleansers in the long run!
Makeup Eraser Review
Makeup Eraser Review
The Makeup Eraser is a essentially a cloth which removes your makeup with only the cloth and warm warmer. It also says it can remove 100% makeup including waterproof mascara and eyeliner, HD makeup and much more. The best thing about the Makeup Eraser is that it is reusable for up to 1,000 washes so it eliminates the need to buy makeup removers or wipes - if this works it is totally worth the investment isn't it? This cloth is hand-sewn with a sateen edge thats plush and soft to the touch. It is honestly so easy and quick to use to remove your makeup and honestly I have been converted! 

To use the Makeup Eraser all you have to get a wet the side with the short nap and gently rub in a circular motion and watch your makeup disappear. For a gentle exfoliation you can use the side with the longer nap which will help deeply cleanse the pores. You do have to wash the cloth before the first use which can be done by popping it in the washing machine - simple! You can wash the cloth as often as you like, I like to wash it every couple of days to keep all of the makeup marks off the cloth. I decided on the original pink colour option but it is also available in baby blue and black. 

I have been incredibly impressed with this makeup removing cloth! I wear a tonne of mascara that not even the best cleansers can remove but with cloth does it with minimal effort. It literally takes seconds of circular motions with the wet cloth to remove 98% of my makeup. I didn't expect this cloth to remove every single trace of makeup because not even my favourite cleansers can do that so I always like to do a second step cleanse afterwards. I am never left with panda eyes and it does an amazing job at removing liquid lipsticks and waterproof mascaras. I thought this was a gimmick but it definitely works and I am so glad that I have invested as I am saving so much money from this. 

The Makeup Eraser retails for £16.50 - HERE



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