Natural Collection Brow Products

Everybody is still loving wow brows and I am definitely one of them! I am always on the look out for brow products that are going to enhance my brows. I basically have two of the worst brows there ever was, they are so small and when I have a big head it just doesn't look right! They are also very thin and I have hardly any brow hairs so I was excited to see how these incredibly affordable products would work for me.
Natural Collection Brow Products
These are the three new brow launches from Natural Collection and each of the products are available in two different shade options, apart from the Brow Kit which is only available in Medium Brown I believe, which are Dark Brown and also Medium Brown. I have particularly dark brows I decided to go for the Dark Brown colour option in the products which works out to be a pretty good match for my brow colouring. 

The three new products available are the Brow Kit which is made up of a wax and powder, the Brow Pencil which has a spoolie on the end and also the Brow Gel which is perfect for setting the brows and adding some colour. All of the products are only £1.99 each which is an incredible price for some good brow products to have in your collection. Each of these products work well on their own to create different brow looks but you can use them together to achieve wow brows. 

The Brow Kit is what I would use if I wanted natural looking brows. The powder in this duo is very lightly pigmented which is great for filling in the sparse areas without it looking too intense. The wax in this compact is much more pigmented and as long as you don't touch your brows a lot it will be pretty long lasting. The Brow Pencil is well pigmented but it isn't too creamy so once you apply it, it is going to stay in place all day without you having to worry! I like to use this to extend the tail of my brow and create an arch. The Brow Gel has a pretty big brush wand for it being a brow gel but it is still small enough to be able to comb through the brows without having to worry too much about getting any onto the skin surrounding the brows. I like to use this to keep my brows in place while adding some tint to blend the other products I have used on my brows together. 

My favourite products at the moment out of the three are the Brow Pencil and the Brow Gel as these two products together create gorgeous wow brows which stay in place all day! The Dark Brown colour option is a very good match for my brows and you really can't go wrong for £1.99 each! 

All of the Natural Collection brow products are available at Boots - HERE.


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