Red Carpet Manicure Summer Collection

One of my favourite things to do is my nails and I have been obsessed with gel nails this year because they are so long lasting! I am pretty clumsy as I bash my hands alot resulting in a lot of chipped nails but when I use these gel polishes I don't have to worry about a single chip!
Red Carpet Manicure Summer Collection
Red Carpet Manicure Summer Collection
Red Carpet Manicure Summer Collection
201, 203, 193, 199, 197, 195 (193 is not showing how bright it truly is)

This is the summer collection called Escape to Paradise from Red Carpet Manicure which includes six gorgeous nail polishes perfect for holidays and the summer! As these are gel nail polishes you will need a LED lamp, base and top coat to use these nail polishes (I have a post coming up soon about the fab starter kit from Red Carpet Manicure so keep your eyes peeled for that). In each bottle of polish you get 9ml of polish, this is the perfect amount of each polish as I don't think I have ever been through a bottle so it is more than enough to get you through the summer!

The shades in this collection are:

- 201 Frolic in the Sand is a bright peach creme
- 199 Yacht Hopin' is a mint green creme 
- 197 Poolside Fling is a teal creme
- 195 Boats & Heels is a bright purple creme
- 203 Until the Sun-Sets is a neon coral creme
- 193 Sun Kiss & Tell is a neon pink creme

I absolutely love bright and colourful shades for the summer which is why I am so in love with this collection as they are exactly that. This is the perfect set fo set of six nail polishes to get you through the summer months with a great range of shades from lighter pinks to neons. All of these nail polishes need between 2-3 coats to get full colour intensity, don't try to do thicker coats as they will glupe up and won't be as long lasting as they can be. I love all of the shades but I adore Sun Kiss & Tell! It is an amazing neon pink which glows on the nails when outside during the day like no other nail polish in my collection! 

All of the shades when used with the lamp and base/top coats are so long lasting, I went on holiday this past month and didn't take any other nail polishes with me and I returned with no chips and didn't get any for a further week - so impressed! Each of these polishes retail for £12.95 - HERE


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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