Romantic Bear Peel Off Lip Tints

These are some of the weirdest products I have ever used yet I can't seem to stop using them! When I started seeing the 'peel off' beauty trend on YouTube I wasn't all that interested until I watched Casey Holmes video and I knew I wanted to try these out for myself! These three shades only cost me a few pounds so I wasn't too fussed if it turned out that they didn't have any colour pay off. 
Romantic Bear Peel Off Lip Tints
Romantic Bear Peel Off Lip Tints
 I decided on the Romatic Bear Peel Off Lip Tints which I actually got from eBay for around a pound for each shade. I wanted to pick up three different shades to see which one works the best so myself and my sister have been putting these to the test and we have actually  been really impressed even though the process is the strangest feeling. The three shades I went for were Sexy Red, Rose Pink and Watermelon. These lip tints claim to be waterproof and extremely long lasting once peeled off. 

The application of these is possibly one of the weird sensations I have ever experienced. To apply the tint you have to apply a thick layer onto the lips and leave it to dry so you can peel it off. It usually takes around 10 minutes for the tint to dry on the lips. While you can apply the tint straight out of the tube onto the lips I would recommend using an old lip brush or cotton bud as it can get a bit messy and go outside the lip line. Once you apply the tint you really can't talk or open your mouth otherwise the tint gets into your mouth (it doesn't taste bad from my accidental experience) but it does feel horrible. Once it has dried it is so easy to peel off, I usually take a cotton bud as the last step to make sure it is completely removed. 

I have been so impressed with the results from these inexpensive lip tints! The Sexy Red shade leaves the best tint on the lips but looks more pink on the lips. The tint that is left behind on the lips literally lasts all day and doesn't budge, these are the perfect lip products for summer as all you have to do is pop on some SPF lip balm and you are good to go! These are a little bit of a faff to apply but they do give great long lasting colour pay off on the lips and you can't beat it for the price. 

These peel off lip tints are available for around £1.10 each - HERE.



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