Summer Sun Essentials from Ladival

I don't know about you but I am loving this heat wave we have going on in the UK at the moment (I am secretly very excited for Winter though!). While I am spending more time outside than usual, it is incredibly important to keep the skin well protected against the suns harmful rays. Summer Sun Essentials from Ladival
Summer Sun Essentials from Ladival
The Ladival SPF 30 Spray was the only SPF for the body that I took on holiday with me this month and it was perfect for those long days in the sun. As it is in a spray form it is so easy to apply as all you have to do is spray it onto the skin and rub it in and your ready to go! This SPF is water resisitant so you don't have to worry about getting sun burnt while swimming when you use this and it is great for sensitive skin. I found that even though this SPF applies white to the skin, once you work it into the skin you don't have to worry about having a white cast left behind. It is a very comfortable SPF on the skin and doesn't leave behind any greasiness or residue. Like with any SPF it is extremely important to reapply throughout the day. This SPF provides protection against both UV-A and UV-B rays as well as infrared-A rays. 

After spending long periods of time out in the sun my skin tends to be very uncomfortable and dry which is where the Ladival DNA Repair After Sun Gel comes in. This is one of the only after sun products that actually helps repair DNA damage by restoring structure and reducing the development of the sun damaged cells. This after sun gel instantly makes me skin feel so much better and keeps it feeling soft and keeping it hydrated. This has become my favourite after sun product as it gets to work straight away! 

A few amazing things about Ladival is that their SPF's don't contain any bad stuff such as:

- Preservatives
- Perfumes
- Colourants
- Fats
- Parabens
-  PEG Emulsifiers 

Which makes their products great for sensitive and oily skin and can help prevent prickly heat and sun allergy. 

You can buy Ladival products - HERE


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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