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UV Protection for Your Hair

I always see people talking about SPF because it is so important to keep your skin well protected especially during the summer. But I never see people talking about SPF for the scalp and hair. I have colour treated hair and one of the main downsides to summer is that it makes my colour fade so much quicker. Not to mention that my scalp gets sunburnt as I always forget to use an SPF! 
UV Protection for Your Hair
During the summer my hair gets very dry and damaged all because I hadn't been using an UV protection for my hair. Now that I have found a selection of products for sun protection hopefully my hair won't get as damaged this year. SPF for your hair is just as important as it is for your body, especially on your scalp. Although applying and using an SPF on your scalp can be very difficult, I only found one product specifically for this, so I would always recommend a sun hat for extended periods of time in the sun. 

Here are a selection of UV protectors for your hair, I am definitely going to be picking one or two up this year. I will do anything I can to keep my hair soft, hydrated and as less damaged as possible. There is a product for every price range, some of these products even helps with chlorine damage making them great for holiday use. 

Do you use an SPF for your hair?


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