Introducing Noble Naturals

Noble Naturals are a fairly new brand which I hadn't heard too much about previously but their two brand new products caught my attention as soon as I started reading about them. Noble Naturals products have so many amazing benefits that they are definitely worth looking into a bit more.
Noble Naturals
Noble Naturals only have one beauty product at the moment but I can't wait to try it out for myself soon. It is the L'Ords des Pharaohs Face & Body Mist. This is 15mls of purified and revitalised water which contains nonaclusters of pure gold, platinum as well as pure zinc. It has no allergens or chemicals. This can be applied before makeup and creams and the ingredients in this mist will be absorbed deep into the skin layers providing deep and long lasting revitalisation. This gold face mist spray is going to help combat the visible signs of ageing at cellular level and help rejuvenate the skin to defy the effects of time. 

Another product from Noble Naturals is the Nano Silver. This is one of the worlds most effective defence products against bacteria and fungus. This can be used by the whole family on issues such as nappy rash, burns, toothache and eye infections and even bee stings and bug bites! This product is 100% safe and natural and can even be used on children of all ages as well as on all skin types. What Nano Silver is, is a solution of very small silver particles suspended in purified water. It is positively charged to attract to  bacteria and viruses as they are negatively charged. The unique properties in the product will then destroy these harmful organisms in the body but without killing the bodies good bacteria and fungi or causing any other side affects. 

To use this product for toothache and infections, you can rinse or gargle around 30ml in the mouth and for stings, rashes, burns or skin treatment you can simply spritz some directly onto the skin if you have the spray bottle option or you can apply a small amount of the solution onto the affected area throughout the day until the area is healed. Nano Silver is available in three different size options, even a 15ml spray bottle so you can keep it in your handbag. 

You can read more about Noble Naturals - HERE.



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