Yankee Candle Christmas Candles 2016

I know, I know. It's September and I'm writing about Christmas but I just can't help it! If you know anything about me you will know how much of a fan I am of Yankee Candle and Christmas so when it comes around to that time when Yankee Candle release the Christmas scents I get so excited! The Halloween scents this year are so good but I will be posting about those in a week or two - Christmas has to come first! 
Yankee Candle Christmas Candles 2016
Yankee Candle Christmas Candles 2016
Yankee Candle Christmas Candles 2016
There are four new scents for Christmas 2016 at Yankee Candle which will be available in multiple jar sizes as well as Wax Melts, Tea Lights and Votive Samplers, I have each of this years scents in the small jar option which aims to provide you with 24 - 40 of beautiful home fragrance. Besides the new scents for this year, I have my eye on the Advent Calendars and some of the gift sets. The accessories this year are stunning too and have a gorgeous silver penguin design, I definitely will have to get something from this collection! 

The four scents for Christmas 2016 are:
  • Festive Cocktail is described as having top notes of Citrus, Cranberry, Blackcurrant and middle note of pine with the base note of vanilla to create a gorgeous fruity based scent. This scent the perfect combination of mountain berries and a touch of pine to add a freshness to it, this to me slightly reminds me of mulled wine without the spice.
  • Macaron Treats is a deliciously sweet scented fragrance with notes of vanilla, almond and sugar. It smells similar to Vanilla Cupcake and Christmas Cookie (two of my favourite Yankee Candle scents) and I just can't get enough of it! 
  • All is Bright is the fresher scent out of the four with a blend of sparkling citrus on warm musk to make this the fragrance of bubbly in your own home. It has top notes of grapefruit and orange with middle notes of redcurrant and a base note of sweet musk.
  • Star Anise and Orange this is the slightly spicer, with lovely fruity notes, scent out of the bunch with top notes of juicy orange, anise and mandarin and middle notes of clove with base notes of musk, sandalwood and vanilla.
I am in love with this years scents and I am definitely going to be stocking up on Macaron Treats as it is my absolute favourite out of the four, I can't get enough of sweet scents! I think that there is a scent for everyone in this collection this year as no scent is alike. They aren't overly Christmas scented so you can definitely start using them now if you get your hands on them but I will burn them in December as well so they remind me of Christmas in years to come. Like with all Yankee Candles I have tried, the scent throw is always as expected and fills my room with gorgeous fragrance. I do like having the small jars but I will also be stocking up on the Wax Melts as typically I have found them to have a slightly stronger scent throw. 

The Yankee Candle Christmas Collection will be available from the 1st of October and advent calendars are out now. The small jars in each of the scents are £8.99. You can purchase anything Yankee Candle from their website - HERE.

Which scent will you choose?


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own.


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