Yes to Coconut Skincare

I have been loving the Yes to products in the last couple of months so I was excited to try out some more of their skincare products. I have been such a fan of their body care, the Coconut Body Scrub is one of my all time favourite body products, so I was happy to try out some of the Coconut skincare products.
Yes to Coconut Skincare
Yes to Coconut Skincare
The Coconut range from Yes To is specifically for dry skin, my skin isn't always dry but towards the end of the summer, it tends to get dry and uncomfortable. My skin is quite sensitive and it has reacted badly to a product before with some patches of skin will flaking off so I like to use products specifically for dry skin in these situations. The Coconut range from Yes to has hair care, body care and of course, skin care.

The Yes to Coconut Cleansing Wipes are the wipes which I have been using for refreshing the skin on no makeup days and on those lazy evenings to remove my base makeup. I avoid using these wipes to remove eye makeup as they can irritate my sensitive eyes. These wipes have intense moisturisation and have been formulated with Coconut Water and Kukui Nut Extract to gently cleanse the skin and wipe away traces of makeup and dirt with smelling delicious. Not only can these wipes be used on the face but they can also be used on the body, neck and hands. These amazingly scented wipes retail for £3.99 for a pack of 25.

The next skincare product I have been using from the range is the Ultra Hydrating Creme Cleanser. This cleanser had been formulated with virgin coconut oil to moisturise even the driest skin as well as having chia seed oil and is a natural omega-3-packed moisturiser. It also contains avocado oil to condition the skin and due to the cleansers texture it will melt away makeup while soothing dry, even cracked skin. I have been loving using this cleanser as my second step cleanser in the evenings to add some extra hydration after a busy day. It always leaves my skin feeling super soft and nourished while being cleansed.

The final product from the Yes to Coconut range that I have been using is the Ultra Hydrating Facial Souffle Moisturiser. This is an incredibly hydrating product which is slightly thicker than my usual moisturiser so I have been using it as part of my evening routine. This moisturiser has virgin coconut oil and creamy shea nut butter to protect the skin from dehydration while restoring suppleness and improving the appearance of dry skin. Whenever my skin is feeling dry this product always has my skin feeling comfortable again within a few minutes. It does take a little longer to sink into the skin but it has such fabulous results so I can get past that!

All of the Yes to Coconut range is available - HERE


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