Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One (+ Swatches)

Warm toned eyeshadows are my obsession right now, I just can't get enough! Blank Canvas Cosmetics is a brand that I had never tried before but since trying out this palette, I am kicking myself. I have had this palette for a couple of weeks now and it has already become a staple in my makeup collection.
Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One
Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One
Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One
Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One
This is the Master Series One Palette from Blank Canvas which is full of gorgeous warm-toned eyeshadows. The palette itself is made up of cardboard packaging which I am not usually a fan of however it is very sturdy and haven't had any issues with it being in my makeup bag getting damaged in the few weeks that I have been using it so far. Inside the palette with the 12 eye shadows and a double-ended brush. I must admit I am never usually a fan of the brushes included in eyeshadow palettes but this one is actually pretty decent! It is very soft (as well as being vegan-friendly) and works really well with these eyeshadows. 

If you love warm toned shadows like I do, this palette is a must-have in your collection! Whenever I have worn eyeshadow in the past couple of weeks since having this palette, it has been my go to. I love my Colourpop eyeshadows for the lid, KathleenLights, Amaze and LA LA are my favourites, but I never have a good matte shade to apply in the crease which is where this palette comes in. This is the best matte palette I have in my collection and the reason it is my most used at the moment is because I use every single shadow. All of the shadows are incredibly pigmented and have almost no fall out when swatching or applying with a brush, I was honestly expecting this palette to have okay pigmentation because the shades are matte but I have been so pleasantly surprised! All of the shadows in the palette are super soft and blend out so easily without ever looking patchy.

In the palette are 11 matte shades and one gorgeous shimmer shade. The palette ranges from a gorgeous vanilla colour which is perfect for the inner corner or as a brow bone highlight, to a dark brown perfect for the outer corner or smudging along the lower lash line. My favourite shades from the palette are Hibiscus, Carmin and Forza which haven't left my crease yet! These shadows are very long lasting on the eyes and hold up so well throughout the day even without a primer applied before hand. Hibiscus is a warm light brown which I often use as a transition shade, Carmin is a beautiful terracotta brown, I pretty much wear this in my crease every single day and Forza is a caramel brown which I like to use with Hibiscus with it on the outter corner of the eye. 

The Blank Canvas Master Series One Palette retails for £30 - HERE.


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own.


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