Budget Friendly Magnetic Palette from Freedom (+ A Peek Inside)

I have wanted to get a Z palette for the longest time but I just couldn't justify spending £15+ on an empty palette to then spend more money on filling it with blush plans or eyeshadows. I was browsing through thr Superdrug website and spotted this hidden gem! If you are wanting to buy a Z palette but not wanting to pay the price tag..you need to check out this one from Freedom!
Freedom Pro Artist Magnetic Palette
Freedom Pro Artist Magnetic Palette
I have so many palettes with only a few shades that I actually will use so I wanted to depot them into a palette so that I could have them all in one place without having to have multiple palettes in my makeup bag. This Freedom Pro Artist Magentic Empty Palette is just £5 which is a third of the cost of a Z palette and I would much rather save money by buying this palette and be able to fill it with more products! 

This palette has identical packaging to any of the Freedom palettes and the same as a few from Makeup Revolution. The only difference between this palette and the Z palette is that you can't see inside with this one from Freedom. It has a black lid but has a huge mirror inside which makes it better for travelling as you can do your makeup on the go. The palette itself is very strong as is the magnetic part of the palette so it will hold all your selected pans without having to worry about them moving around inside the palette. If you are going to store a lot of different brands and types of products in these palettes all you would have to do is pop a sticker on the front of the palette to save you time when looking for specific products! 

Inside my first magnetic palette is all of my Benefit blushes and hoola. I have Dandelion (I think it's time to buy a new one as it is almost completely gone), Sugarbomb, Bella Bamba Coralistia and another one I can't remember the name of. These were so easy to transfer, even the very well loved ones. I have also popped in two pans from a Zoeva palette to remind myself to using them more! If you are going to store eyeshadows in these palettes Freedom states that each one of these palettes will hold 18 of their eyeshadows pans. 

You can buy your Freedom Pro Artist Magnetic Palette for £5 at Superdrug - HERE. If you are a beautycard holder you will even get free delivery on your order!



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