NEW Roger & Gallet Skincare

It's no secret how much of a fan I am of Roger and Gallet. So when I heard about the brand launching facial skincare products, they immediately caught my attention! In particular I knew I had to try out these two products as they sounded like something my skin was in need for.
NEW Roger & Gallet Skincare
NEW Roger & Gallet Skincare
NEW Roger & Gallet Skincare
This new skincare launch from Roger & Gallet includes four products all of which that are free from parabens and three are of 100% natural essences. The two products I really wanted to try out were the Beauty Vinegar, this name caught my attention as I don't have anything like this in my skincare draw, and the Legendary Cream. The Legendary Cream is suitable for sensitive skin whereas the Beauty Vinegar isn't, so do keep that in mind if you are going to pick up some of these products.

The Beauty Vinegar is going to help smooth, refine and clarify the skin and has 18 official plants, distilled plants and fruit Vinegars in the product. This is a what I used as a toner in the evenings before using the Legendary Cream, I just popped some onto a cotton pad and swept it across the skin. From the first couple of times I used this I was so impressed! Each morning I would wake up to my skin looking clearer and smoother than before and it was much softer too. I like that it also helps remove traces of makeup as even after removing my makeup in the evenings I still find there to be product on the skin.

The Legendary Cream is going to renew, even out and illuminate the skin and also has 18 official plants and distilled plants but it also has White Lily Extract as well. I have been using this as my evening moisturizer and I have been loving the results. This product has a lovely light scent of lime and as you work it into the skin it quickly sinks in. I found this to be incredibly hydrating on the skin and has really helped with my redness at keeping it at bay in the troublesome areas. My skin has been slightly dehydrated recently and this has helped lock in extra moisture and really helps with the discomfort my skin would feel, almost a tightness on the skin, after removing my makeup.

By using these two products together every evening my skin by the next morning, honestly looked the best it has ever looked! My skin looked much brighter and clarified which I had never experienced before. I have mentioned a lot on my blog that I suffer from discolouration and acne scarring and I found these two products helped so well with my discolouration, each morning I wake up to no redness for the first time ever! I have always had quite dull skin and found that the combination of these two products has made a massive difference in the brightness of my skin, it almost looks like its slightly glowing!

The Beauty Vinegar retails for £15 and the Legendary Cream is £32 and both are available - HERE.


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