Ted's Twinkling Trio

Ted Baker's Christmas products are always some of my favourites and these cute little baubles are the perfect secret Santa secret, stocking filler or a little something extra to gift this Christmas. These would also be great to keep in the cupboard in case someone pops round this holiday season and you have forgotten to get them a gift - we have all been there! 
Ted Baker Christmas Beauty Bauble
Ted Baker Christmas Beauty Bauble
These cute little gifts come in a three piece set which you could gift as a trio or as three individual gifts. I have one out of the trio to share with you today and I just can't get over how cute it is! The three sweet treat options included in the set are Mia, Polly and Lyla, I have the Lyla option. While this is in a bauble style packaging, it doesn't actually have anything to hang it from, it is more of something that if you were to use on your tree you would place it in between branches. 

Inside the star-risque packaging is two tiny products, a fragrance and a nail polish. The fragrance is in the Lyla scent option which you can buy a full size of separately but this little one is the perfect size for a handbag on an evening out as it is going to take up barely any room. This is such a lovely fragrance and has notes of bergamot, grapefruit and peach. The nail polish is a stunning glitter which you can use as a topper over any other nail polish shade or you can dab it into the nail for super sparkly nail! I found this nail polish to very quick drying which I love as I can never sit still long enough for my nails to fully dry if that take too long. 

One of the little touches that I like with this cute gift is that when you open it up, the two products are actually wrapped in pink Ted Baker branded issue paper. Inside the other options from the trio you receive fragrances in different scent options and different nail polish shades. In the other two options are cream nail polishes rather than a glitter. 

The Ted Baker Sweet Treat Gem Trio retails for £25 for the set at John Lewis - HERE.


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own. 


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