Yankee Candle Halloween 2016

I am not the biggest fan of Halloween, I am a huge lover of Christmas but I do always get excited about anything from Yankee Candle that is festive! I hadn't picked up any of the accessories for Halloween before from the brand and when I spotted this cute little ghost in store, I knew he had to come home with me. 
Yankee Candle Halloween 2016
Yankee Candle Halloween 2016
For Halloween 2016 Yankee Candle have brought back the two most loved Halloween scents, Witches Brew as well as Candy Corn. And this year there is a new scent on the block, Forbidden Apple! I am a little gutted that they haven't decided to bring back ghostly treats from last year because I was obsessed with it but Forbidden Apple has been a good replacement if you love a fruity scent. These three samplers have the new Yankee Candle packaging which is rolling out in the US across all of their products, I am not too sure if this will be happening in the UK as yet but it does look nice on the Wax Melts and Samplers, I am just not too sure about it on the jar candles personally. 

There is a scent for everyone this Halloween from Yankee Candle. Witches Brew is described as a spicy sweet scent of exotic patchouli which casts a captivating spell! This kind of reminds me of liquorice or a sweet like that, it's the perfect scent for the 31st of October. Candy Corn is reminiscent of fun and treats of Halloween, I have have never tried the candy corn sweet myself so I don't know if it's similar but if you like sweet scents you'll like this. Forbidden Apple is a scent which can definitely be burned/melted year round and is described as a seductive option that takes apple mixed with bergamot, black oak and vanilla noir to a place somewhere that is forbidden. If you like fruity and fresher scents, this is the scent for you. 

My favourite scent out of the three for Halloween this year has to be Forbidden apple (closely followed my Candy Corn) as it is a fruity scent which is one of my favourite scent families from Yankee Candle. The samplers are a great way to try out the fragrances for under £2 each and are the reason why I got that cute little ghost! He is the Small Glowing Ghost which holds one Votive sampler inside and he costs £7.99 - very cute a festive for Halloween. 

You can find the full Yankee Candle Halloween collection - HERE.



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