Christmas Present Swap with I Just Love It

I got to take part in a Christmas present exchange with another blogger with I Just Love It. I was paired with one of my favourites, The Kats Paws and we got to pick a few gifts for each other which were then delivered to us as a surprise and funnily enough - we even picked each other one of the same things! 
Christmas Present Swap
Christmas Present Swap
Christmas Present Swap
Christmas Present Swap
If you haven't heard about I Just Love It Before, it is an online store which has a tonne of gifts available and almost all of them can be personalised - I always love little touches like this. Kathryn, who picked all of my gifts, obviously knows me well as she picked out everything and I loved it all! Everything is well made and has cute little-personalised touches, like my name. 

The first thing I pulled out of the box was a Teddy Bear wearing a little pink jumper with a sewn on note as if it was from my Bunnies, aka my babies. This has to be one of the softest teddys I have and I love the little touch of the red bow around the neck to make it a little more festive. This would be such a great gift to give this Christmas, you could even have it personalised with the year so that they can remember what year they received it. The next thing I pulled out of the box was a Chocolate Bar with a festive sleeve with 'Merry Christmas Hannah' on the front and I must admit that I actually ate the whole bar before I even photographed it...opps! This was one nice chocolate bar and I really did enjoy it. 

If you didn't already know, I love bunnies so Kat picked me out a few bunny related things. The first is a Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book which I had actually never read and inside the book was a message from her. I am really excited to give this a read when I am off work for Christmas! Then we have one of my favourite items that she picked out for me which is the Personalised Peter Rabbit Contemporary Cup and Saucer - I had always wanted something like this! I love tea and coffee and have a few cups a day and I have already used this a few times to have my hot drinks and I love it, it even has my name on too.

Finally, we have a candle which has been personalised again but this time with my name as well as my blog name, I always love things with my blog name on! This is a rose scented candle which I am not usually a fan off but this is such a lovely scent. I like that it comes in a glass tumbler as it can be reused after I have finished the candle. 

You can check out all gifts from I Just Love It, perfect for Christmas - HERE.


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