Flamingo Candles Sherry Trifle Candle

If you read my BAH! Humbug review the other day, you will know how obsessed I was with the candle and this one is no different. This is from the Christmas 2016 collection from Flamingo Candles which will be available to purchase in just a few days, it is definitely worth the wait!
Flamingo Candles Sherry Trifle Candle
Flamingo Candles Sherry Trifle Candle
This is the Sherry Trifle candle which is a sweet and fruity edible smelling fragrance of juicy fruits soaked with sherry, sponge and custard with notes of vanilla musk. All of these elements combined create the most delicious smelling fragrance which really does remind me of the holiday season. If you like fruity scent's you will really like this as it is simply delicious. Although it is a fruity scent I like that it has that vanilla note as it really sweetens the scent and enhances it. 

This is one of the Classic Square jar candles which retail for £12 each and have up to 50 hours of burn time, this is such great value for money! This candle has a gorgeous little deer on the front and the wax is hand poured in the UK using only natural soy wax. This candle just like BAH! Humbug, has an incredible scent throw and can easily fill large open rooms with fragrance and lingers out into the rest of the home as well. It isn't a light scent throw but it isn't overpowering. Each and every burn I have found the scent throw to be fantastic and it is so much better than many of the super expensive candles on the market. 

This would make the perfect gift this Christmas season to anyone who loves candles or if you are not too what to get them as everyone loves a candle don't they! I have been incredibly impressed with Flamingo Candles and they knock it out of the park in terms of authentic scents and amazing scent throw, I for one am obsessed and I can see this as the start of a big collection...

If you want this scent but you don't like jar candles, it will also be available in the scent melts fro Flamingo Candles. This candle along with the rest of the Christmas collection will be available to purchase from the 7th of November 2016 - HERE.


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