LUSH Northern Lights Bath Bomb Review (+ DEMO)

If you saw my huge Lush Christmas haul, you will know I was super excited to use the Northern Lights bath bomb as I loved it last year! This is one of the most colourful bath bombs from the Christmas collection this year and I did really enjoy using it, I need to get a few more before they disappear for another year!
LUSH Northern Lights Bath Bomb Review
This bath bomb has had a revamp since last year and I welcome the new change to it, it is so much better than last year! It has a new shape and as a yellow dot on one end and a blue one on the other giving you a preview of how colourful it is going to be! It has a lovely scent to it and has ylang-ylang and jasmine notes to create a slightly floral scent. The scent did fill my bathroom well which I was really impressed with and once out of the bath I did notice that the scent did linger slightly on the skin.

I have included a little demo video for you to see just how colourful this bath bomb is! It doesn't fizz away too quickly and once all of the bright and fun colours fizz into your bath it leaves the water a dark green shade. I can't say I was a huge fan of this and to quote Kat ''It looks like I am sitting in a swamp''  when she used it herself! I would have much preferred the bath water to have been left the gorgeous purple colour like the bath bomb mainly is.

Another thing to mention with this bath bomb, once wet don't touch it as it completely stained my hand bright pink for two days afterwards no matter what I tried to use to remove the pink stain! I have never had this problem with Lush products before but it is definitely something to keep in mind.

This is one of the very fun bath bombs from the Christmas range at Lush for 2016 and would be perfect to use around Bonfire Night as it sort of reminds me of fireworks! I love that not only did it create so much colourfulness in the water but it also bubbled as it fizzed and you can see in my demo video that towards the end it was really jumping around in the bath water!

I really enjoyed using this and I will be stocking up on a few more in the next couple of weeks! The Northern Lights Bath Bomb retails for £3.95 - HERE.



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