Lush So White Bath Bomb Review (+ DEMO)

This is one of my all time favourite Lush products so I always have to get a few every year when the Christmas products are released. The So White Bath Bomb has had a bit of a makeover this year and I LOVE the upgrade! I had no idea what this bath bomb was going to do once popped in the bath as I avoided all videos on Instagram and I loved it! 
Lush So White Bath Bomb
Lush So White Bath Bomb
Lush So White Bath Bomb
The So White Bath Bomb is a firm favourite from Lush and it is scented like delicious, crisp green apples. I love fruity scents and this is one of my favourite scents from Lush. This isn't exactly a 'Christmas' scent but because I always use it at that time of year it always reminds me of happy memories and all things Christmas! This is one of the larger bath bombs from the Christmas collection and retails for £3.75 and it was worth every penny - I can't wait to get a couple more! 

This is a slow fizzing bath bomb and took around eight minutes to fully dissolve in the water. The bath bomb from the outside is completely white with a cute little green leaf on the top but once it is dropped into water, that is when things start to get a bit colourful! For around the first minute, it just creates a white foam and then all of a sudden, blue and yellow starts to leak out creating a gorgeous foam layer across the top of the water. I actually picked up the bath bomb after a couple of minutes being in the water and you could see inside the bath bomb all of the colours! It twists and turns around the bath and doesn't sink to the bottom. 

Once it had finished dissolving, it left the bath water a pretty shade of green and the bathroom smelt delicious due to the green apple scent! Although this bath bomb is part of the Christmas collection, it is one of those that it perfect to use towards the end of October and in early November if you aren't a Christmas obsessive like I am!

The So White Bath Bomb retails for £3.75 at Lush - HERE.



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