Lush Star Dust Bath Bomb Review (+ DEMO)

It's time for another Lush Christmas review with demo! I have slowly been working my way through my huge haul - you can check that out here. And I was pretty excited to try out the Star Dust Bath Bomb as I couldn't quite remember if I had had this one in the past or not but I did really enjoy using it and will probably repurchase. 
Lush Star Dust Bath Bomb Review (+ DEMO)

Star Dust is one of the cheaper bath bombs from the Christmas collection this year and is priced at £2.95. To me, this smells exactly like a Lush shop which is a heavenly scent but it isn't overpowering like the stores can be sometimes. This has the earthy spice of rosewood harmonises with the sweetness of vanilla absolute with added bergamot oil. The scent is a fan favourite in our house with myself, sister and Mum all loving the fragrance. 

This bath bomb is one of the more 'boring' ones from Lush but still does something in the bath! It is a very quick fizzer and dissolves in the bath quickly releasing the gorgeous scent and turns the bath water a gorgeous light blue colour reminiscent of a spa. This bath bomb has the exciting ingredient of Snowflake Lustre which creates a gorgeous shimmery, almost glittery and sparkly, effect to the water. 

I really loved that it turned the water a light blue as it released a little colour from inside the bath bomb as it was a little unexpected surprise from an all white bath bomb! The scent did fill my bath room and it definitely lingered on the skin. If you are looking for a bath bomb to use for a little relax in the evening, Star Dust is perfect. 

The Star Dust Bath Bomb retails for £2.95 and is only around for the festive period at Lush - HERE.



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