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Bath and Body Works Haul with My Mall Box

I have been obsessed with Bath and Body Works products lately and I knew I wanted to place an order from the US. While there are a couple of ways to get hold of their products in the UK (in detail here), you can't always find the specific products you are after which is where My Mall Box comes in. This is a forwarding service which I highly recommend for larger or heavier orders.
Bath and Body Works Haul
Bath and Body Works Haul
Bath and Body Works Haul
Bath and Body Works Haul
Bath and Body Works Haul
Bath and Body Works Haul
My Mall Box is by far the best forwarding service I have used and one of the cheaper options for such heavy parcels - this order was almost 10lbs! I have had mixed things but I personally didn't have a bad experience. How My Mall Box works is when you sign up you will receive a US address to send your orders too who will then forward them onto you once you have paid for the shipping costs. What makes My Mall Box different to any of the other forwarding services I have used is that you can place multiple orders online and have them delivered to My Mall Box at no extra cost and they will then repackage your items into one box which makes the shipping cost cheaper. They are very quick at sorting out orders from my experience and I placed my order right before Thanksgiving/Black Friday. 

Once both of my Bath and Body Works orders had arrived at My Mall Box, I asked to have them repackaged together and by the next day I was able to pay my shipping cost and my products arrived just a few days later! I used the DHL Express shipping option which was almost $60 to ship all of these products and I received a £16 customs charge which I didn't think was bad at all. Just one note if you do want to use My Mall Box for Bath and Body Works, you can't currently ship pocket bacs or fragrance mists from Bath and Body Works. This isn't a My Mall Box issue, it is more with the shipping providers who will not handle these products. 

Onto the Haul....

The first things I knew I wanted to pick up were the candles. I first placed an order for three medium candles in Twisted Peppermint, Vanilla Bean Noel and Mahogany Teakwood which were just $10 each when I placed my order. Then a few days later the three wick candles were on sale for $12.50 and I had a 20% off discount code so I thought it would be rude not to order two, I would have ordered more but I already knew my parcel was going to be very heavy! I decided on Fresh Balsam and Berry Vanilla Bean which I am so happy with! I love all of the scents I went for but Fresh Balsam has to be my favourite at the moment, if you love Christmas tree scents you will be obsessed with this scent! 

I had already got a bunch of the Mini Candles from UK sellers but when I spotted Peppermint Marshmallow I knew I had to add it to my basket. I was looking through all of the candle holders and decided to order one for the mini candles rather than the 3 wicks as I know I will use more mini candles and I now have six of them already! This cute little holder was only $5.50 and it isn't too festive so I can use it year round and it just adds a little something to the candle rather than just having it sitting on the side. I also ordered a whole bunch of Pocket Bac Holders, I picked myself up the Candy Cane Swirl, Bling Pearl and Black Quilted one with a bow charm, these are much cheaper to pick up from the US than UK sellers as they were all under $5 each. 

If you couldn't tell, Twisted Peppermint and Vanilla Bean Noel are my favourite scents and I knew I already loved them as I have them both in the Fine Fragrance Mists so I knew I wanted more products from both sets. I ordered three travel sized shower gels to try before buying full sizes and they were on a deal when I ordered them so I picked up two Vanilla Bean Noel's and one Twisted Peppermint. The final thing I ordered was the Vanilla Bean Noel Hand Cream which was in a duo with a PocketBac which has to be removed before I could ship out my order but it was only $1 so I wasn't too bothered!

You can find out more information about My Mall Box - HERE.


This post is in collaboration with My Mall Box, all items were purchased by myself but My Mall Box helped cover the shipping cost kindly. 


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