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Christmas Party Prep

Now that December is here it won't be long before all of the Christmas parties start! These are my top recommendations to get you party ready this holiday season and are the products that I will personally be using. I find that I start prepping for a party a few days before - I always want to look my best!
Christmas Party Prep
Christmas Party Prep
Christmas Party Prep
If you have a party coming up closer to Christmas, it's time to get those teeth pearly white with the Pearl Drops Pure White Whitening Treatment Kit, I have been using this for a couple of weeks and I must say that I am impressed and loving the results! I have always been a fan of the Pearl Drops Toothpaste since I was a teenager but this has really helped whiten and brighten my teeth and I find it quite quick to use so I don't mind using it regularly! During the Winter, I am a little lazy when it comes to hair removal in my legs but when wearing a dress you have to make the effort which is where Nair Power Shower Cream comes in. I prefer using something like this when going to an event as I don't want to risk accidently cutting myself, I am very accident prone! 

Too many late nights and dark under eyes? You need to get yourself an eye mask to help depuff and brighten to have you looking awake in no time! The Beauty Pro Eye Therapy Masks have been brilliant to use and I like to pop them on while I do my hair before applying my makeup, I always find my makeup applies better under the eyes when I use these. No time to wash your hair? Batiste has got you covered! Their dry shampoos are fantastic at making your hair feeling clean and looking fresh and they even have coloured options if you have dark hair like me to prevent any grey/white casts. If you are going for a up do or something similar, I really like the Batiste Stylist Hold Me Hairspray as it holds the hair all night long but it doesn't give you that crunchy feeling. 

Having nice nails are an essential for me and my go to brand is Elegant Touch as they are the best ones on the high street for being comfortable on the nails and having such a great range of designs and shapes. The House of Holland x Elegant Touch Cross My Heart nails will have everyone thinking you spent a fortune on your nails! Finally, if you can't wear glitter at Christmas when can you?! Glitter Eyes are a newer brand to me and I have been obsessed with their eyeshadows for when I want to create a glitter eye, I need to get my hands on a few more shades! 

What are your go to party prepping products?


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