My Favourite Christmas Movies

It's no secret how much I love Christmas, I don't shut up about it! For the past couple of weeks, I have pretty much watched a different Christmas movie every single day, I am obsessed. I thought I would share my all time favourite Christmas movies as well as some new ones which I really enjoyed. I can't wait to finish work next week and watch even more!
Christmas Movies
Christmas Movies
Christmas Movies
I love cosy nights in front of the TV with a good Christmas movie and a hot chocolate. I have a long list of Christmas movies I want to watch before the 25th so I expect I will be spending a good few evenings on the sofa in the next few weeks! We have been in serious need of a TV upgrade and I think we might go for the Panasonic 4K TV as I have been hearing nothing but good things about 4K so I need to see what all the fuss is about for myself. I love that now Youtube creators are filming their videos in 4K so I would love to see just how good they look on the TV! 

Without fail every single year I have to watch The Grinch and the Snowman and the Father Christmas shorts. The Grinch is one of my favourite movies to watch and I always try and save it to watch right before Christmas, I know everybody loves ELF but I much prefer The Grinch - I think he is more relatable in a way! Hate Hate Hate...DOUBLE HATE! The Snowman and Father Christmas shorts are such classics, I always watch these two on Christmas Eve, and now the Snowman and the Dog too! These always make me cry too, anybody else?

My all time favourite Christmas movies are without a doubt, The Santa Clause trilogy. No matter how many times I have seen these movies, they are my absolute favourites and I must watch them at least 3 times before Christmas! Each one is good but the first has to be my favourite and I always feel so festive and in such a good mood after I finish watching it, how cute is Charlie in this one! I can even remember going to the cinema to see the third one. If you have never seen these movies, you can pick them up for £6.99 for all three on Amazon.

This year, I have been hooked on Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, I have to admit that, maybe, five days out of seven I must watch at least one - they make me so happy! I know these are pretty predictable movies but I just love watching them, if you have Sky you can watch them on all the Christmas 24 channel which is always on in our house! My favourite ones I have watched this year would have to be 12 Gifts of Christmas, The Mistletoe Promise, Christmas Land, Christmas List and Christmas in Homestead - this one is super cute! I have always loved the Christmas Hallmark Channel movies with Candace Cameron Bure and I had no idea she was on Full House until I watched Fuller House recently, I have no idea how I missed that! 

What are your favourite Christmas movies?


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