Pick 'n' Melt Standard Christmas Set

I am a candle obsessive, I have such a stash that it will take me forever to get through them all! One of the candle related products I use so much is wax melts, I have always found them to be much more affordable and always having a better scent throw. Pick n Melt is a new brand to me and I couldn't wait to try out their Standard Christmas Gift Set.
Pick 'n' Melt Standard Christmas Set
Pick 'n' Melt Standard Christmas Set
Pick 'n' Melt Standard Christmas Set
Included in the Standard Christmas Gift Set is a Tea Light Warmer as well as 16 bags of melts which is the complete Christmas gift, I love that they have included a big selection of their Christmas scents as well as a warmer in this gift for just £12, it is such an affordable gift and would be perfect for anybody who loves home fragrance! If you do plan on getting these and gifting them this Christmas, Pick n Melt have a deal running where if you buy three you get one free and if you buy four you get them for £9 each so technically you get three for £9 each and one completely free! 

I am obsessed with the Tea Light Warmer itself as I love that they decided on a square design as it is different some any of my other warmers around the house. One of the great things about this warmer is that the top is completely removable so it makes it easier to switch out your wax. The tea light underneath is in the perfect position to ensure that all of the wax melts to provide you with the best fragrance for your home possible. The scents included in this gift set are:

- 2x Christmas Time
- 2x Christmas Spice
- 2x Robin Red Breast
- 2x Cocoa & Log Fire
- 2x Frankincense and Myrrh 
- 2x Mistletoe and Wine
- 2x Festive Tree
- 2x Snow

Each of the scents come individually bagged and I like that you can mix and match to create custom scents for you. These scent melts are perfect for smaller spaces to provide a lighter scent throw. My favourite scents would have to be Cocoa & Log Fire, Snow and Festive Tree - I have always used up all of those and I even had doubles! 

You can find out more about Pick n Melt and order your own products - HERE.


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