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Foreo Luna Play

This is a device I have wanted to try ever since it came out and I have been loving it and the results it gives my skin since it arrived. Foreo has made a range of facial cleansing devices which are on the more expensive side but the Luna Play is just £29 and a perfect way to try out these devices before investing.
Foreo Luna Play
Foreo Luna Play
Foreo Luna Play
This is the Foreo Luna Play which is a super travel sized and portable facial cleansing device which has been designed to provide you with a professional level of skincare with its invigorating one-minute ritual. When I say that this is travel sized, it is around the size of a cotton pad so it is going to take up no room at all in your washbag. This is great for all skin types, I have sensitive skin and I have not experienced anything I have not loved since introducing it into my skincare routine.

How the Foreo Luna Play works is by combining T-Sonic Pulsation Technology used in the Luna Mini 2 with Foreo's signature, non-porous silicone touch-points. The device will gently but effectively cleanse and exfoliate the skin with a single intensity, dual-zone range. The thicker touch points are going to perform an intense clean to help unclog pores while lifting away dirt, oil and dead skin. While the thinner and smaller touch points are going to gently cleanse the skin for larger areas of the face such as the cheeks. Ths silicone 'bristles' are very flexible to use and are also ultra-hygienic and resist bacteria build up to ensure that the skin is kept fresh and clean.

This device could not be any easier to use, all you have to do is press the button on the back for it to turn on and be able to use. It is 100% waterproof so I have been using it while in the shower in the morning. The only difference between this device and others from Foreo, apart from the size, is that this one isn't rechargeable but will last for up to 100 uses, around one or two months worth of use if used twice a day. Since I have been using this every morning, my skin has never looked better or felt cleaner! With acne prone skin, keeping skin super clean is essential and this does such a great job! I really like using this with a clean based cleanser like Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean. My skin has also been much softer than usual and looks brighter, I can't recommend enough.

The Foreo Luna Play retails for £29 - HERE.


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