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Formula X Polishes & Treatments Review

I managed to pick up all four of these Formula X products for a total of £4.50 in TK Maxx just after Christmas and I wish I picked up more as I have been so impressed. I definitely understand the huge hype around these products and I wish they were easier to get hold of in the UK as I would love more nail polish shades.Formula X Polishes & Treatments Review
Formula X Polishes & Treatments Review
Formula X Polishes & Treatments Review
Formula X Polishes & Treatments Review
All four of these products are full sizes and were a great introduction to Formula X, oh you US people have no idea how lucky you are to have such easy access to products like this in Sephora! I picked up two of the treatments, the Strengthen Base Coat and the Nail Cleanser and two nail polishes, in Continuum and Reckless. I honestly wish I picked up back ups, especially of the Strengthen Treatment as I have already noticed such an improvement in my nails since I started using it. I really like the packaging of these products, The caps do pull off to then twist off the applicator and the brush isn't too wide which I prefer as I find it makes it less messy when it comes to the application. 

The Nail Cleanser is to be used after removing polish and before applying base coat and your selected shade of nail polish. I had never used anything like this before when I do my nails but I thought I would give it a try as it was only 50p when I picked it up. It does a good job at making sure all residue is removed so that any further applications apply smoothly. I also noticed that it is slightly conditioning on the nails, I had expected this to be slightly drying so it was a pleasant surprise! The Strengthen Nail Treatment is what I have been using for a few weeks as a base coat and it has impressed me more than any strengthening treatment I have ever used! This has made my nails feel incredibly strong and they no longer bend whenever I would try to do something. My nails used to flake and peel a lot too and I have noticed that this hasn't been the case at all! I am so glad I picked this up for just £2! 

The two nail polishes are shades of blue which isn't something I would usually go for but for just £1 each I couldn't leave them on the shelf. Both shades I have really good pigmentation and in the swatch image that is actually just one coat! I do like to apply two coats to make sure that there is no streakiness but I could have definitely got away with just the one coat. These shades are going to be perfect for Spring but I have been really enjoying them to brighten up my day with this dull winter weather. Each of the polishes applies smoothly to the nails and dries fairly quickly. My nail polish usually chips within a day as I am very heavy handed but I found these lasted for 3+ days, I would have tested longer but I like changing my polish regularly! 

If you spot any Formula X products in TK Maxx, I would grab them quick! 



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