NEW Maybelline Baby Lips Crayons (+ Swatches)

I have been seeing so many good releases on the high street that I wanted to start trying out more budget makeup products. Maybelline is my favourite brand from the high street and in my teens was all my makeup was! I am a big fan of the Baby Lips Lip Balms so as soon as I spotted these Crayons I knew I wanted to try them out.
Maybelline Baby Lips Crayons
Maybelline Baby Lips Crayons
Maybelline Baby Lips Crayons
Maybelline Baby Lips Crayons Swatched
Swatched: Strawberry Pop and Sugary Orange

Maybelline has recently launched the Baby Lips Crayons which are currently available in six shades for £5.99 each at Superdrug. These are a first from Maybelline in that they are a moisturising oil colour balm in the form of a crayon. These are going to instantly hug the lips for 12 hours of hydration while giving the lips a creamy colour. These have been formulated with bright pigments yet glide onto the lips for a soft and shiny finish. The six shades available are:

- Strawberry Pop 15
- Pink Crush 20
- Creamy 30
- Candy Red 5
- Playful 25
- Sugary 10

I picked up two shades as they were on offer for buy one get one half price on Superdrug so I got Sugary Orange and Strawberry Pop. One thing I will mention is that it is quite hard to work out which shades to get online as there aren't any swatches so definitely keep an eye out for these in stores. Sugary Orange is more of a coral shade whereas Strawberry pop is a bright pink, both shades will be perfect for the summer as they are very bold on the lips. As soon as I swatched these, I was super impressed as they are both incredibly pigmentated with just one swipe (as seen in the swatches).

These are very comfortable and hydrating on the lips, I love that they are enriched with oils to help soften the lips, great for the winter months and in the summer when the lips can be dried out from the sun - so perfect for all year round! These bold lip crayons are very long lasting on the lips, I can wear these for hours without having to reapply, I only needed to reapply after I had eaten. I love that these are in a crayon too as they are so quick and easy to apply and the bullet fits the lips perfectly. I am definitely going to pick up a few more shades next!

The Maybelline Baby Lips Crayons are available for £5.99 each at Superdrug - HERE.



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