Accessorize Lovelily Perfume

Fragrances are one of my favourite beauty products and I find a lot of them to be on the expensive side so I never really purchase many. I have shopped in Accessorize since my early teens, I remember going nuts over the Lily Cole collection and getting the black and white handbag which I still have somewhere, but I never knew that they also have fragrances.
Accessorize Lovelily Perfume
Accessorize Lovelily Perfume Accessorize Lovelily Perfume
The Accessorize Love Lily Fragrance is available in a 75ml size for just £19 which is such a steal if you ask me. I have also spotted a great deal of a gift set of this fragrance on The Fragrance Shop website, it's great value and would be a perfect gift.  This is a sweet and vibrant fragrance which I am a huge fan of as it has some of my favourite scent notes included. This gorgeous fun fragrance has notes of raspberry, orange, jasmine and sweet vanilla, I love fruity scents with a hint of vanilla - Vanilla is my all time favourite scent note. I would have to say that this fragrance is definitely suited towards the younger person, maybe a teen or young adult due to the sharp and sweetness of this fragrance. 

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and unique with its hexagon-shaped bottle, it is too pretty to not display! In the cap of the bottle, which is again hexagon shaped, is a gorgeous pink 3D looking lily flower which matches the scent notes brilliantly, the centre of the flower also has a yellow accent. Even the box that it comes in is gorgeous with vibrant and bright pops of colour with a floral design. 

Once spritzed onto the skin, it is very fruity which I love but as it settles on the skin is when you can begin to smell the vanilla and floral notes of the fragrance. This is a strong fragrance and only a few spritzes are needed before you head out of the door. This is a fairly long lasting fragrance too as I could still notice the scent towards the late afternoon so you don't have to worry about reapplying too much. I love fragrances like this for work so I know I am going to be continuing it using it most days, all of the scent notes work so well together. I was surprised at how much I liked this fragrance because I normally don't like anything with floral notes, but is just works. 

The Accessorize Lovelily fragrance is available for £19 - HERE.


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own. 


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