Brush Works The Complete Blender Sponge Set

The only way I like to apply my foundation and concealer is with a beauty sponge. While I am a long time fan of the Beauty Blender, I love trying out more affordable options and these are pretty good! I really like that this is a complete set of sponges as it is all you need to apply your foundation as well as your concealer. 
Brush Works The Complete Blender Sponge Set
Brush Works The Complete Blender Sponge Set
This is the Complete Blender Sponge Set from Brush Works which is ideal for concealing, blending, contouring and strobing. Each of these sponges are made from the highest quality hydrophilic material which is not only latex free but it is also designed to be used wet! In the box, you get one face sponge and two micro-sponges, which are straight dupes of the Micro Beauty Blenders. When I was playing around with these dry, I thought I wasn't going to like them but as soon as you wet them it is a game changer and the purple one is the closest sponge I have used to the Beauty Blender but I love the different shape of this one which has even more uses than the Beauty Blender. 

The purple sponge can be used to apply foundation with the big round part of the sponge, but you can also apply loose powder to bake under the eyes as well as using it for contouring. The two smaller sponges are fantastic for concealing under the eyes as they fit much better in this area than the larger purple one. When these sponges are dry, they do feel very dense and somewhat hard to use and not at all bouncy. But once you wet them they have much more give in them and you can dab product into the skin very easily. They so massively grow in size, the purple one is more double the size at least! 

I have been using the pink sponges to apply concealer under the eyes, blending foundation around the nose and applying loose powder to the inner corners. The purple one has been my go to sponge to apply any of my foundations and always provides high coverage and a flawless finish without ever looking cakey. I love how this always makes my foundation, no matter which one I use, feel very lightweight on the skin and even though I can achieve high coverage, it always looks like my skin but better. 

If you are looking for some new sponges to try in place of the Beauty Blender, I would recommend giving these a go next! The Brush Works Complete Blender Sponge Set retails for around £10 - HERE.


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