Color Wow Root Cover Up

I have been dying my hair dark for over five years which can be very high maintenance when your hair is almost blonde naturally. I always rely on products similar to this to keep my roots covered in between dyes but some don't leave the hair feeling very nice so I am always trying new things which is where Color Wow comes in.
Color Wow Root Cover Up
Color Wow Root Cover Up
The Root Cover Up from Color Wow is available in seven different shades and I have been trying out the Dark Brown option. This is a great product to invest in if your hair grows quickly like mine does as I can't be dying my hair every three weeks. I have tried so many different root cover up products, even some spray on colour but I do always prefer powders as they don't interfere with your hair's texture or weigh the hair down or leave it feeling sticky. I used to always use black eye shadow to cover up my roots if I was in a pinch but this is an amazing upgrade and I have been really loving the results.

This is going to cover grey and colour grow out easily without any mess. With many powder based products I have used to fill in my roots, it can create a huge mess on any surfaces around where I apply it or get onto my face which isn't helpful when you have just done your makeup but with this, the mess is kept to a minimum. Not only can this be used to fill in roots but it can also be used to fill in gaps if you have thinner hair to make it appear thicker. This has a water resistant formula so you can even swim with it on yet it is never going to make the hair feel stiff or sticky and will leave the hair looking natural. It has been formulated without any wax, dyes or parabens.

Include the compact is the powder itself in your selected shade alongside a brush and mirror. The compact is on the sleeker side so if you did want to keep it in your handbag for touch ups on the go it isn't going to take up too much room. I have been using the brush included to apply the powder to the roots and it does a great job at packing on the colour. I do prefer to use the smaller end as I can really get the product into the roots to make sure that all areas are covered, I then like to take the other end to slightly blend it out so that it looks natural. The colour itself is very pigmented and matches my hair pretty well. I have been using this to cover my roots for a couple of weeks now and you really can't tell that my colour has even grown out! What I like about this is that the colour doesn't fade throughout the day and providing that you don't touch your roots too much it doesn't budge. I have been caught out in the rain a few times while I have this on my roots and again it does not move.

If you are looking for a product to invest in to keep your hair looking decent in between dyes, definitely look into this! The Color Wow Root Cover Up retails for £28.50 and is available at Feel Unique - HERE.


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