Color Wow Sprays

I love trying new hair products, I do colour treat my hair regularly and while washing it daily and using heat on it. It is extremely long too so I like to find products that aren't going to weigh my hair down. I have always heard good things about Color Wow so I am really enjoying these three products. 

Each of these sprays has a different use and will give the hair a different result, the one I was most excited about was Speed Dry as it does take me quite a while to dry my hair with it being so long and having so much of it. The Speed Dry and Raise the Root are to be used on damp hair before heat styling and the Get In Shape can be used as and when needed as it is a hair spray, this would be great for touch ups throughout the day as well. Each of the three sprays has a good nozzle so that the product is misted onto the hair and you don't have to worry about getting too much product in just one place.

The Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray is going to dramatically reduce heat-styling time by 30% with technology that helps 'squeeze out' water from the hair. That makes this product different than many other similar products is that this has no alcohol in which can dehydrate colour-treated hair. I have been really impressed with this and it definitely does work! I can now completely dry my hair in under ten minutes which I haven't been able to do before. I like that this doesn't dry out my hair as it is already on the drier side but it also doesn't interfere with any of the other products that I use on my hair while it is damp.

The Get in Shape 2-in-1 Working Hair Spray is going to keep the hair in place but provide flexible hold without dulling or darkening the hair. It is enriched with vitamins and is never going to leave the hair feeling stiff or sticky. I hate most hair sprays because of the way they can leave the hair feeling but this is a lovely product. I have been using it to tame my baby hairs but it doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or uncomfortable. The Raise the Root Spray is going to thicken and lift the hair by creating all day lift, body and volume while leaving the hair flexible and manageable. This can be used on damp and dry hair but I do prefer to use it on damp hair before I blow dry it as this is when I notice the best effects. As I mentioned my hair is very long so it does tend to look heavy and weighed down but this has helped add some life back into my roots! I finally have some volume while keeping my hair feeling manageable and soft. 

Each of the three sprays from Color Wow retail for £16.50 each and are available from Selfridges - HERE.


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