Ecotools Brushes

Ecotools have recently had a rebrand and I am loving the updated packaging which has been done to celebrate ten years of the brand! The packaging now has a fresh and modern feel and the brushes have also been slightly upgraded with sleek colour changes to the brush ferrules and the brush handles are now sleeker than ever. To celebrate ten years of EcoTools, they have released a gorgeous limited edition anniversary set which retails for £19.99 at Boots and Superdrug which will be available from the 1st of March 2017. 
Ecotools Brushes
Ecotools Brushes Ecotools Brushes
Ecotools Brushes
Ecotools Brushes
Ecotools Brushes
I remember years ago buying some of my first brushes from EcoTools and I am happy to be able to try out the brand again and I forgot how soft their brushes are, they are honestly some of the softest brushes I have come across and they are affordable too. Each of the brushes are lightweight and easy to hold due to the tapered handle. EcoTools as a brand are cruelty-free and 100% vegan but they also made from recycled, natural and sustainable materials. The packaging is made from tree-free paper as well. I have been using three different brush sets/individuals recently which are:

- Define & Highlight Duo which includes a fan style brush and dome shaped brush
- Sheer Powder brush is a slightly larger fluffy brush for powder applications
- Six Piece Starter Collection which includes a powder/blush brush, concealer brush, angled liner brush, shading brush as well as a spoolie for the lashes and brows.

The Six Piece Starter Collection is a great set if you are looking to invest in some new brushes or if you are a beginner. What I like about this set is that it actually includes six brushes that you will use, with some brush sets I find that I don't always use all of the brushes but this set has the essentials. The Powder/Blush brush can be used for any powder applications and I really like this brush for blush applications as it isn't too big. The concealer brush is great for applying concealer under the eyes and around the nose but I also like it for applying eyeshadow in the inner corners. The Angled Liner brush has so many uses from applying brow products to upper and lower liner applications. I have been loving this brush for applying any brow powders. The Shading Brush is an eye brush essential for applying any shadow to the lids or blending out shadows. I love that this set includes a Spoolie as it is something I am always looking for but never have to hand and this is great for grooming the brows. All of these brushes also come with a cute travel pouch.

The Define & Highlight Duo set includes two brushes which can be used so many different ways. The Highlight Brush is a medium sized fan brush which can be used for highlighting as recommended but I really like it for applying bronzer to the face. This is such a soft brush too. The Define Brush can be used for natural contouring but I really like this brush for applying loose powder under the eyes as well. The final brush from EcoTools that I have been playing around with is the Sheer Powder Brush. This is going to provide you with sheer coverage with a smooth finish and is great for setting your foundation and concealer. 

I really can't get over how soft these brushes are and are much softer than some other brush brands on the high street! If you could only pick up one of these, I would recommend the Define & Highlight Duo as you can use these two brushes so many different ways and it is worth it for the Highlight brush alone!

You can find EcoTools at Boots and Superdrug - HERE.

This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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