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Foreo ISSA Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Ever since I was little, I have always worried about losing my teeth so I keep them extra clean at all times. I honestly can't go to sleep if I haven't brushed my teeth which isn't a bad habit to have! More recently, I have noticed my gums to be a little sensitive and I was in desperate need of a new toothbrush which is where Foreo comes in. 
Foreo ISSA Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Foreo ISSA Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Foreo ISSA Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Foreo ISSA Sonic Electric Toothbrush
I am a huge fan of the Foreo Luna Play so I couldn't wait to try out the ISSA which is a toothbrush with a combination of Sonic Pulse Technology and a unique silicone design to help clean and whiten your teeth like never before. When I was at school I actually used to get picked on for having super white teeth and got always called Simon Cowell (not sure why this was a bad thing) but in the last couple of months since I started drinking coffee they haven't been as white as I would like and I have been so impressed with this toothbrush from Foreo.

The ISSA Hybrid Toothbrush is strong on plaque but gentle on gums and I have honestly never used anything like this before but I have been loving it and I don't think I would go back to a standard manual toothbrush now that I have been using this. All ISSA Sonic toothbrushes come with a 2-year limited warranty as well as a 10-year quality guarantee. This is a rechargeable toothbrush which only needs charging once every 6 months, this is fantastic as I always forget to recharge things but twice a year is wonderful! It comes with a USB lead to be able to charge the toothbrush, I just plugged it into my iMac and within one hour I was good to go! It is also travel-friendly and comes with a pouch to put your toothbrush in. I was a little worried that the replacement heads would be expensive as the toothbrush itself is £149 but the replacement brush heads are just £17 and each one lasts for a whole year! The toothbrush is also completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower if you are in a hurry.

This toothbrush itself has a dual-material brush head that combines PBT polymer with silicone bristles for a more vigorous brushing of the teeth while still being gentle on the gums. The inner PBT bristles are going to remove plaque and prevent cavities and tartar build up. These brushes are also going to break down stains for whiter and brighter teeth. The outer silicone bristles are going to provide a comfortable gum massage while cleansing the gums gently and prevent damage. This toothbrush is to be used to same way you would a manual but it does take some getting used too as it is on the larger side but within a few days I was fine with it. One thing I love about this toothbrush is that every 30 seconds it will flashes on the bottom to let you know to move from the area you are cleaning and this has really helped me make sure that I brush my teeth for a full two minutes. What makes this toothbrush different from other electric toothbrushes, the bristles aside, is that you can actually control the sonic pause technology as it has eight-speed settings.

Since I have been using this toothbrush, my teeth have been looking much whiter and brighter and I haven't experienced any discomfort or sensitivity. I love that this toothbrush makes me brush my teeth for the full two minutes and my teeth are always left feeling super clean and ready for the day! If you are looking for a toothbrush to invest in, this is such a great option. I was worried that I would have difficulty cleaning my wisdom teeth but now I am used to the ISSA and it's size, I haven't had to use any other toothbrushes to ensure that these are clean. The ISSA is available in four different colours, I have the Mint colour option but it is also available in Lavender, Cobalt Blue and Black. Foreo also has a Tongue Cleanser head for £17 which I am definitely going to invest in next, it is so easy to change up the brush heads - you just have to lightly pull at it and it comes right off.

The FOREO Issa Hybrid is available for £149 - HERE.


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