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I had never heard of Know Cosmetics until I was watching one of Tati's videos recently and since then I knew I had to try out some products. Funnily enough, she actually then included one of these products in a video on products she hates but I LOVE it which just goes to show not everybody will like the same things.
Know Cosmetics
Know CosmeticsKnow Cosmetics
The two products from Know Cosmetics I have been trying out are the No Thin Lips and the No Dark Shadows. Know Cosmetics is now stocked at Superdrug with other products including No Bleeding Lips Lip Liner and No Bare Brows. Each of the products from the brand is under £20 and each of the products I have is £15 each. I love the simplicity of the packaging, all of the boxes match, each of the products aren't too big and fit nicely in my handbag or makeup bag. I hope they launch the Seal It in the UK soon as I have been hearing amazing this about that product and I have to give it a try, it is lipstick sealer and Tati loved it!

 The No Dark Shadows is a product which can be used under the eyes to brighten and conceal or as a highlight for the t-zone, I prefer to use it as an undereye concealer. This is available in two shades, Wow which is a rosy tone and Pizazz which is yellow toned, I have Wow which is great for under the eyes on my lighter skin tone. This has an oil-free waterproof formula and it will enhance your complexion for up to six hours. This has great coverage for under the eyes and brightens at the same time. Even though it says it only holds for up to six hours, I have definitely noticed it to last much longer than this which is a great plus. This reminds me of the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye in that it is great coverage and brightening but it isn't as thick as the bye bye which is nice as that product can look a little too heavy if you apply too much.

I have been thinking about getting my lips done for a couple of months but I have been trying out lip plumpers in the mean time. I have tried some incredibly painful ones and I am happy to report that this one isn't that bad, I am a huge baby and don't find it to be that uncomfortable. It does only last a few minutes and it just feels like heat on the lips. I have tried everything from the Dior Lip Maximiser to the Plump It! and the No Thin Lips is the best one I have tried so far. This applies just like a gloss but as soon as you apply it, the lips start to heat up so to speak and slightly tingle and the lips do really appear plumper and bigger after application. For best results, I like to do two coats about 20 minutes apart. My lips look so much fuller and I love the light glossy finish it leaves on the lips.

Know Cosmetics products are available at Superdrug - HERE.


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